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From Conflict to Communities: Forests in Liberia

10 March 2017 | John C. Cannon

Charles Taylor, who led the rebellion that began in 1989, funneled revenue from selling timber, as well as diamonds, iron ore, and rubber, into weapons purchases and building his own wealth. When he w...

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What the Potential Repeal of Dodd-Frank Means for Conflict Minerals

9 March 2017 | Jabil

The Dodd-Frank Act was signed into law in 2010 as a response to the 2008 financial crisis. As the most far-reaching Wall Street reform in history, the main purpose of Dodd-Frank was to prevent the...

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Future of DR Congo Mining Could Be on Rocky Ground if US Dodd Frank 1502 Rolled Back

7 March 2017 | Laura Angela Bagnetto

The future of mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo could be changed forever as watchdog agencies, Congolese non-governmental organizations, and American businesses are watching the US Trump adm...

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Here's Why Nations Go to War Over Water

6 March 2017 | George Friedman and Allison Fedirka

Access to and control over water is a strategic imperative for all countries. As such, it has been a source of conflict throughout history.   Water access can impact a country’s geopolitics in many...

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Afghanistan-Pakistan Treaty on the Kabul River Basin?

2 March 2017 | Shafqat Kakakhel

Pakistani officials and experts have, time and again, suggested the negotiation of an Afghanistan-Pakistan treaty to regulate the sharing of the Kabul River Basin (KRB). These calls have, however, not...

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Axing “Conflict Minerals” Rule Also Threatens DRC’s Endangered Grauer Gorillas

2 March 2017 | Wilson Center

For weeks, the primatologists had followed a group of Grauer’s gorillas over rugged terrain – hacking through dense rainforest; following knife-edged ravines; and crossing a nearly impenetrable mo...

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In Support of Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Regulation

28 February 2017 | Sasha Lezhnev

IRIN’s recent article, Who pays the hidden price for Congo’s conflict-free minerals, offers a compelling story that highlights some real challenges facing many Congolese people today.   Unfortun...

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Are We Headed Toward “Recurring Storms” of Global Food Insecurity?

27 February 2017 | Erica Martin

It’s often assumed that in the modern era, food security is an achievable goal. But between 2007 and 2008, a confluence of conditions shook the international food system to its core, fueling unrest...

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Enough Project Comment to the SEC in Support of Conflict Minerals Rule Implementation

27 February 2017 | Enough Project

On January 31, Acting Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Michael Piwowar welcomed interested parties to submit comments in response to a statement calling into question the curr...

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Government Neglects Land Disputes at its Peril

26 February 2017 | Eleven

Land disputes remain one of the many problems still to be cracked in Myanmar. Many farmers end up in court and jail after their land is seized. This week about 350 farmers from Pyin Oo Lwin, Patheingy...

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