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Afghanistan’s Water Plans Complicated by Worried Neighbors

20 March 2017 | Elizabeth B. Hessami

More than 40 years ago, the Soviet Union attempted to harness hydropower to modernize Afghanistan. Between 1960 and 1968, they poured money and technical knowledge into the 100-meter Naghlu gravity da...

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Mattis Latest in Succession of Senior Military Leaders to Warn About Climate Change

17 March 2017 | Schuyler Null

This week, newly minted Secretary of Defense James Mattis joined a long list of senior U.S. military leaders who have warned about the national security threats of climate change.   In previously u...

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How Minerals Fuel Conflicts in Africa

17 March 2017 | Nicolas Berman, Mathieu Couttenier, Dominic Rohner, and Mathias Thoenig

Fighting groups have long understood how important it is to secure a stable stream of financial resources in order to sustain the fighting effort over a prolonged time. Fighters need to be fed and rem...

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Julia McQuaid on the Complex Link Between Water and Conflict in the Middle East and North Africa

17 March 2017 | Benjamin Dills

Does global water stress matter for U.S. national security, and if so, how? That’s a major focus of the next CNA Military Advisory Board report, says Julia McQuaid of the CNA Corporation in this w...

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Water and War

16 March 2017 | Mark Zeitoun

Water is a human right, but too often one of the causes and tools of today’s wars. If we confront the politics behind the scenes with international standards, we can reverse that trend.   Water has...

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In the Face of Colombia’s Coca Boom, Coffee and Cocoa Farming Offer a Remedy

16 March 2017 | Huffington Post

Colombia, still in a delicate phase of its history as it struggles to revive from five decades of war, is seeing a dramatic rise in coca cultivation. According to an analysis by the Washington Offic...

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Expand the Indus Waters Treaty to Make Peace

15 March 2017 | Ashok Swain

Water scarcity is a serious and growing security challenge for South Asian countries. The twin pressures of population growth and climate change are further intensifying this problem. In this context,...

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Conflict Minerals Rule Legal Challenge: Done and Done

15 March 2017 | Dynda Thomas

“Hear ye, Hear ye.”  The parties to the legal challenge of the SECs conflict minerals rule have agreed that no further court proceedings are necessary and have requested that the US District Cour...

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Myanmar’s Toxic Legacy of Large Dams

14 March 2017 | Beth Walker

In September spectacular drone footage revealed the beauty of the waterfalls, rapids, ancient temples and islets of the Nam Pang River, a tributary of the Salween in northern Myanmar’s Shan state kn...

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The Streetlight Effect in Climate-Conflict Research on Africa

14 March 2017 | Cullen Hendrix

Climate change research on Africa has a streetlight problem: researchers tend to invest more attention on former British colonies and countries with relatively open, stable political systems than oth...

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