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Development Diamonds

11 July 2014 | Rapaport

The diamond industry needs to support programs to uplift its vast artisanal mining sector. The more than 1.5 million diamond diggers – predominantly in West Africa – and their estimated 10 million...

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Conflict Resources: Conflict Minerals Law Starts Working Despite Poor Industry Response

9 July 2014 | African-American Observer

A U.S. law on conflict minerals is curbing African warlords' presence around mines in Congo, campaigners say, but its full impact remains unclear, with most firms failing to pinpoint the origin of the...

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Michael Klare, Fighting for Oil

8 July 2014 | TomDispatch

Call it a double whammy for the planet or simply irony with a capital "I." As the invaluable Michael Klare, TomDispatch regular and author of The Race for What's Left, points out today, if you scan th...

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Toxic Footprint of Syria’s War

7 July 2014 | Insight on Conflict

Syria’s ongoing civil war has already resulted in over hundred-and-fifty thousand casualties and has brought enormous destruction in cities and towns all over the country. Apart from the direct impa...

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Burma: Burma's Democracy Struggle Hostage to Real Estate Boom

7 July 2014 | Huffington Post

Ethical issues in Burma (also known as Myanmar) have never been simple, and the real estate boom roiling Rangoon ranks with the thorniest. Those poised to reap rewards are scoundrels and those being f...

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MoU Signing Ceremony to Cement Bilateral Farmers Cooperation in the Region

3 July 2014 | Friends of the Earth Middle East

On Tuesday the 24th of June, representatives from the Jordanian South Ghor Municipality, Tamar Municipality in Israel and Themar Agricultural Cooperative Society from Jordan in collaboration with Ec...

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Blood Money and Conflict Minerals

2 July 2014 | BloombergView

The world's insatiable demand for everything from smartphones to jewelry to cars is feeding the bloody war in eastern Congo, where tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold are mined for use in manufacturing....

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China Reaches Out to Myanmar on Maritime Dispute

1 July 2014 | The New York Times

At first blush, Myanmar, hardly a naval power and not exactly a major diplomatic heavyweight, would seem an odd place for China to seek relief from its headaches in the South China Sea.   But Preside...

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How the Terrorists Got Rich In Iraq and Syria: ISIS Militants Are Flush With Funds

28 June 2014 | The New York Times

A few feet from the Bab al-Salam border crossing near the Turkish town of Kilis, there is a shabby cafe where the most interesting items for sale are not found on the menu. The cafe is the final stop...

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Ford Sustainability Report 2013/2014 - A Step in the Right Direction

24 June 2014 | The Enough Project

On Wednesday, June 18, Ford Motor Company released its Sustainability Report 2013/2014. Available online, the report documents Ford’s efforts to enhance its sustainability through a wide range of in...

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