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Water Wars? Think Again: Conflict Over Freshwater Structural Rather Than Strategic

22 April 2014 | Cameron Harrington

The global water wars are almost upon us! At least that’s how it seems to many. The signs are troubling: Egypt and Ethiopia have recently increased their aggressive posture and rhetoric over the c...

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Not There Yet: Burma’s Fragile Ecosystems Show Challenges for Continued Progress

21 April 2014 | Tim Kovach

Political and economic changes in Burma have been as rapid as they are surprising. In just three years, the country has gone from an isolated military dictatorship to a largely open country that is at...

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Ukraine: Crisis in Ukraine Has Far-Reaching Implications

17 April 2014 | James A. Baker III, Houston Chronicle

Though headlines focus on the latest developments in Ukraine, the crisis has created a ripple effect around the world. The escalating conflict has even impacted events at the Baker Institute: An April...

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The Complex World of Big Land Deals

14 April 2014 | Fiona Harvey, Ensia Magazine

“When [the trucks] came through they could not get access to their objective. They really had to push their way through here. The people did not actually accept this idea of palm oil, and these thin...

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Climate Change Mitigation, Peacebuilding, and Resilience

11 April 2014 | Florian Krampe, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

How are our efforts to reduce the impact of climate change affecting post-conflict societies? Thinking and research about the possible impacts of climate change adaptation and mitigation on post-confl...

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Land and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: The Peace Deal for Mindanao and its lessons for practitioners of environmental peacebuilding

10 April 2014 | Paula Defensor Knack, Terra Nullius

This blog provides a guide to peace-builders in analyzing developments in the Mindanao peace process that occurred since the publication of Knack's chapter on “Legal Frameworks and Land Issues in Mu...

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The Problems with Burma’s Logging Ban

4 April 2014 | Casey Hynes,

Burma’s recent announcement of a ban on exporting unprocessed timber logs seems like good news for the country’s environment and economy. The proposed ban is meant to stimulate development of a do...

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Japanese Investments are Driving Human Rights Abuses in Myanmar

3 April 2014 | Rachel Wagley, Global Post

WASHINGTON — Japan’s development aid is driving Myanmar families into deeper poverty. The Thilawa Special Economic Zone (SEZ) outside Rangoon, funded by the Japanese government through the Japan I...

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Ukraine and the Crisis of International Law

24 March 2014 | Jeffery Sachs, Project Syndicate

NEW YORK – Russia's actions in Ukraine constitute a serious and dangerous violation of international law. In 1994, Ukraine agreed to give up the nuclear weapons it had inherited from the Soviet Unio...

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The European Citizen and Conflict Resources

9 January 2014 | Ries Kamphof

European consumers can contribute to more sustainable supply chains and less social, economic and ecological deprivation. According to an annual report published by the International Telecommunication...

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