Business, Conflict & Peace Course

Business, Conflict & Peace Course




Businesses are often seen as the ‘bad guys’ in conflict-affected contexts. However, the roles businesses play in such environments are more complex. While some companies have been accused of committing human rights violations and exacerbating conflicts, others have been commended for advocating a peaceful resolution to conflict or actively engaging in international peace initiatives. One factor that heavily influences the way in which businesses operate in conflict contexts is their relationship to other actors like home states, host states, rebel groups, other businesses and NGOs.


This course provides:


- Insights into international policies and multi-stakeholder initiatives on the role of business in peacebuilding and human rights 
- Theoretical and empirical reflections on how businesses can promote peace but risk exacerbating conflict 
- An overview of how state, civil society and private sector actors can support developing companies’ due diligence processes


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