SPI: Developing Peace Leadership in the Wilderness

SPI: Developing Peace Leadership in the Wilderness




Participants will utilize an experiential approach to develop leadership skills through a 7 day hike in West Virginia's Monongahela National Forest.  Participants will practice leadership styles, learn to apply different conflict resolution skills, and explore some of the roots of conflict (power, rank, and privilege).  


The course is designed for students to deepen understanding of the application of experiential education to peacebuilding practice, strengthen and cultivate compassionate leadership, explore their understanding of culture, and learn, practice, and apply conflict resolution and peacebuilding skills in an experiential context.  


During the hike, students will take on a different role each day, including leaders of the day, cooks, scribes, and camp set-up teams.  The expedition will include rock climbing, skill-building activities, course reading discussions, time for debriefing and reflection, and an overnight solo experience.  


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