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The United States and Russia in the Arctic

21 June 2017 | Washington, DC

Woodrow Wilson Center and the Arctic Council

In light of recent world media attention towards Russia and the United States, the Arctic Circle and the Wilson Center will host a Forum on the two countries' complicated yet inherently linked role a...

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Environment, Conflict and Cooperation (ECC) Exhibition

21 June 2017 – 13 July 2017 | Canberra, Australia

University of New South Whales, EU Delegation to Australia, and adelphi

As part of this year's European Climate Diplomacy Week, the ECC exhibition visualizes the dramatic and growing impact of global environmental change. It demonstrates how climate change can threaten...

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23rd International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference

14 June 2017 – 16 June 2017 | Bogotá, Colombia

International Sustainable Development Research Society

Sustainability issues today must be seen not only from an environmental perspective; the social perspective is very relevant as well for the Sustainable Development Goals. In this regard, issues of in...

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Climate, Conflict, & Refugees: Examining the Impact of Environmental Change on Human Security

13 June 2017 | Washington, DC

Stimson Center

From rising sea levels to crowded megacities, environmental change is spurring new trends in human mobility — and posing new challenges to human security. As the Trump administration weighs its new...

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6th Annual AIAG Conflict Minerals Industry Briefing

7 June 2017 | Livonia, MI

Automotive Industry Action Group

The 2017 Conflict Minerals Industry Briefing is designed to offer the necessary information for new professionals and to advance the knowledge level of those experienced in conflict minerals reporting...

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Coordination of Assessments for Environment in Humanitarian Action

7 June 2017 | Geneva, Switzerland

Inter Agency Standing Committee

Disasters cause both loss of life and damage to the natural capital upon which societal well-being depends. The Coordination of Assessments for Environment in Humanitarian Action: A Joint Initiative,...

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Warfare, Environment, Social Inequality and Peace Studies (WESIPS) Conference

25 May 2017 – 27 May 2017 | Seville, Spain

Dr. Richard J. Chacon (Winthrop University) and Dr. Yamilette Chacon (James Madison University)

Over millennia, warfare, environmental degradation, and social inequality have brought much suffering to humankind. In an effort to facilitate interdisciplinary cross-fertilization, WESIPS brings tog...

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Climate, Energy, and Security with Senators Graham and Whitehouse

16 May 2017 | Washington, DC

The Center for Climate and Security

Organizer: The Center for Climate and Security    When: 16 May 2017, 2:00pm EDT   Where:  Hart Senate Office Building, Room 902 Washington, DC 20002   Please join the Center for Climate and Sec...

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4th Istanbul International Water Forum

10 May 2017 – 11 May 2017 | Istanbul, Turkey

Turkish Water Institute

The world is witnessing an unprecedented rise in the number of people fleeing wars and conflicts. Turkey being in the midst of this phenomenon, the 4th Istanbul International Water Forum (IIWF) will a...

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Water and Security in South and Southeast Asia

9 May 2017 | Washington, DC

Woodrow Wilson Center and World Wildlife Fund

Across South and Southeast Asia, rapidly changing ecological conditions are creating challenges for social stability. Growing populations and economies demand greater and greater freshwater resources,...

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