4th Arab Water Week 2017: Managing Water Systems within Fragile Environments in the Arab Region

19 March 2017 – 23 March 2017 | Dead Sea, Jordan

Arab Countries Water Utilities Association

Water is increasingly becoming a binding constraint on Arab development. According to the Arab Development Challenges Reports by UNDP; available renewable fresh water resources per capita in the Arab...

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The Impact of Armed Conflict on the Environment and Natural Resources: A Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 16 Perspective

17 March 2017 | Bristol, United Kingdom

University of West of England Environmental Law Unit

With the objective of SDG16 in mind, the aim of the proposed seminar is to explore the implementation of SDG16 and the challenges to such implementation, in particular exploring key issues such as hum...

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22nd Annual Tulane Environmental Law & Policy Summit: Sessions on Marine Environment in the South China Sea

10 March 2017 – 11 March 2017 | New Orleans, LA

Environmental and Energy Society of Tulane University Law School

The Environmental and Energy Society of Tulane University Law School proudly hosts the 22nd annual Summit to bring together professionals and the public on current and pressing environmental and legal...

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Panorama Webinar: Gender Mainstreaming Solutions for Protected Areas

9 March 2017 | Webinar

Panorama Solutions

This PANORAMA Webinar will showcase gender mainstreaming solutions for protected areas. These solutions demonstrate how women's participation and inclusion in protected area management and governance...

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From West Africa to the Middle East, Water and the Rise of Insurgencies in the "Arc of Instability"

3 March 2017 | Washington, DC

Wilson Center

Water scarcity and conflict over freshwater resources have contributed to an “arc of instability” stretching from West Africa through the Maghreb and across the Mediterranean to the Middle East. R...

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Global Conflict Mineral Compliance & Supply Chain Transparency Summit

2 March 2017 – 3 March 2017 | Amsterdam, Netherlands

Corporate Parity

Attending this Corporate Parity event will help you to engage with top industry leaders as they share proven strategies for: building a cross-functional team to ensure compliance from the smelter to...

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Healing the Enlightenment Rift: Rationality, Spirituality, and Shared Waters

2 March 2017 | Irvine, CA

University of California, Irvine

Water management is, by definition, conflict management: whether in the Western US or internationally, competing stakeholder interests include domestic users, agriculturalists, hydropower generators,...

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Myanmar Environment Expo

24 February 2017 – 26 February 2017 | Yangon, Myanmar

MiTA Myanmar

Myanmar Electricity Exhibition will be co-located with Myanmar Solar Expo and Myanmar Environment Expo in Yangon during 24-26 Feb 2017.   WASHINGTON DC & YANGON, USA & MYANMAR, December 4, 20...

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NDEL 2017 Conference: Environment, National Security & Human Rights

24 February 2017 – 25 February 2017 | New Haven, CT

Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Join NDEL to explore the intersections of environment, state security, and human lives and livelihoods. This conference will discuss practical policy recommendations and legal frameworks to address th...

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ISA's 58th Annual Convention

22 February 2017 – 25 February 2017 | Baltimore, MD

International Studies Association

The International Studies Association Annual Convention includes many sessions and other events related to environmental peacebuilding. It is one of the primary places for early career scholars and pr...

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