23rd International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference


14 June 2017 – 16 June 2017 | Bogotá, Colombia

International Sustainable Development Research Society


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Sustainability issues today must be seen not only from an environmental perspective; the social perspective is very relevant as well for the Sustainable Development Goals. In this regard, issues of inclusiveness in the development model of nations, regions and municipalities attain a high priority level. By inclusiveness we understand the objective of creating a more equitable society by ensuring wider access and opportunities across social groups, regions and economic sectors as well as reducing the high income disparities that occur today. This is particularly important for the Colombian society which is entering the post-conflict phase.


How to achieve this objective is a matter of intense discussion and concern. Governments, private enterprises and communities must play an important role. In this process, the academy must be engaged with the study of new theoretical approaches, models of intervention and application of these principles in a world dominated by organizations. It is important to discuss new business models with sustainability certifications (e.g. B companies), hybrid organizations, networks and foundations as well as grass-root organizations which are unfolding throughout the world without a proper understanding of its impacts. We consider that this is a topic that is highly relevant for a post-conflict Colombia, the region and the international setting.




Organizer: International Sustainable Development Research Society


When: 14 June - 16 June 2017



Universidad de los Andes

Central campus

Calle 21 # 1-20

Bogotá, Colombia


General theme: Inclusive sustainability for development: How to engage academy, government, communities and businesses.



ISDRS 2017 Core Themes & Special Tracks (most notable hyperlinked)

For the full list, please visit: http://www.isdrsconference.org/page/29/themes-and-tracks/


Core Themes


Theme II. Ecosystem Pressures and Limits

2c Resource exhaustion (fossil fuels, minerals, water, timber, atmosphere)


Theme VII. Institutions and Governance Structures for Sustainable Development

7a Local and regional governance (institutions)


Special Tracks


0a. Sustainable development in post-conflict countries


0d. Water governance




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