4th Arab Water Week 2017: Managing Water Systems within Fragile Environments in the Arab Region


19 March 2017 – 23 March 2017 | Dead Sea, Jordan

Arab Countries Water Utilities Association


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Water is increasingly becoming a binding constraint on Arab development. According to the Arab Development Challenges Reports by UNDP; available renewable fresh water resources per capita in the Arab world are among the lowest worldwide. Threatening levels of water stress exist in the Occupied Palestinian Territories and Yemen, while significant stress exists in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. And since it is not yet possible to measure water quality globally, dimensions of safety, reliability and sustainability are not reflected in the proxy indicator used to track progress towards the MDG target. Continued efforts are required to promote global monitoring of drinking water safety, reliability and sustainability and to move beyond the MDG water target to universal coverage. Here comes the role of ACWUA, ACWUA as a global center of excellence has served as a regional platform for international exchange of knowledge to provide best practices and capacity building to staff utility members, experts and professionals.


ACWUA is the strategic partner of international conferences and trade fairs, and is partnering with the international water organizations and water centers around the world to implement different projects that serve the water sector in the Arab countries. Moreover ACWUA’s activities are recognized by the Arab Ministerial Water Council / League of Arab States. Under the umbrella of the League of Arab States (LAS) and in partnership with the Arab Ministerial Water Council (AMWC) and the Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI), the Arab Countries Water Utilities Association (ACWUA) is organizing the 4th Arab Water Week in March 2017.


The Arab Water Week (AWW) is an international meeting in the Arab region which tackles water management issues through establishing innovative partnerships and platforms of collaborative work on water issues in the region. The importance of this meeting lies in providing a platform for greater coordination among the existing network of key stakeholders active in the water sector in the region. The Arab Water Week (AWW) does not only provide an opportunity to enhance communication flows, synergies and the sharing of successful experiences, but as well, it will facilitate the creation of new partnerships that complement and maximize the impact of on-going work in this sector for the benefit of all countries in the region. 


The Conference and Exhibition (19-21 March) will provide a broad technical presentations and a policy-based program, along with the specialized exhibition targeting water supply and wastewater vendor’s and other service providers in the water sector.




Conference Themes & Topics (for a full list, please click here)


Political unrest in region:

  • Political unrest and impact on water utilities performance
  • Impacts of hosting refugees on utilities and service provision
  • Impact on human resources (Brain Drain)


Water Resources Management Policy and Governance:

  • Climate Change impacts on water resources and utilities
  • Innovations in unconventional water resources management (water reuse, desalination and wastewater safety plan)
  • Integrated Sludge Management and Sludge to Energy
  • Transboundary water resources management and shared water aquifers (experiences and cooperation)
  • Managing groundwater aquifers toward sustainability (institutional and technical aspects)
  • General Water Resources Management (Master planning, water budget and reallocation of resources)
  • Water Scarcity
  • Water Integrity



Organizer: Arab Countries Water Utilities Association


When: 19-23 March 2017


Where: Kempinski Hotel Ishtar Dead Sea

              Swaimeh P.O. Box 941806

              Dead Sea 11194 Jordan Dead Sea










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