Seminar: Lagging Lands, Violent Lands (2017 World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings Events on Building Sustainable Communities)


22 April 2017 | Washington, DC

World Bank and IMF


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Organizers: World Bank & IMF


When: Saturday, April 22, 12:30 – 2:00 pm EDT



Room MC13-121, MC Building,

1818 H Street, NW,

Washington, DC 20433



Follow these 2017 World Bank-IMF Spring Meetings plenary and seminars that discuss what it will take to build inclusive, resilient, and sustainable communities for all:


Seminar: Lagging Lands, Violent Lands


This event will look at an integrated policy framework on lagging lands, violent lands that combine the main thrusts of the WDR 2009 on Reshaping Economic Geography and the World Development Report 2011 on Conflict, Security, and Development, bringing it to life with country examples, and ultimately working towards a global agenda of action around "no area left behind."This session will focus on solutions that stimulate sustainable and inclusive economic growth in lagging lands and urban spaces to bridge economic and social divisions and mitigate conflict and reduce human vulnerability. 


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