Natural Resource Conflicts and Conflict Mitigation and Transformation

Natural Resource Conflicts and Conflict Mitigation and Transformation

Source: Peacebuild - The Canadian Peacebuilding Network, 2011

Author(s): Rena Ramkay

Topics: Dispute Resolution/Mediation, Governance, Land, Peace Agreements, Renewable Resources

Added: 08/10/2017


Peacebuild, in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) convened the fifth in a series of six workshops on peacebuilding and conflict prevention policy issues on 30 June 2011 in the CANADEM conference room in Ottawa. The purpose of the workshop series is to exchange current information and analysis among expert civil society practitioners, academics and Government of Canada officials aimed at developing policy and programming options to respond to new developments and emerging trends.

This workshop examined existing and new frameworks proposed for managing conflict over resources, particularly mineral extraction, land and water. This policy brief provides a synopsis of the findings and analysis from discussion and the papers presented during the event, highlighting key recommendations to improve prevention and management of resource conflicts.


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