Backdraft Episode #3: Kimberly Marion Suiseeya on Voice, Justice, and Representation [Podcast]

Source: Wilson Center, 2017

Author(s): Lauren Herzer Risi

Countries: Laos

Topics: Climate Change, Governance, Renewable Resources

Added: 09/03/2017


“If we think sustainable development is the goal we want to achieve, we have to be radical in elevating those who have been traditionally excluded,” says Northwestern University’s Kimberly Marion Suiseeya in this week’s “Backdraft” episode. “We have to approach conservation and global environmental governance from the perspective of the invisible and the marginalized people.”


Climate interventions are often developed and implemented from the international perspective first and foremost, leading to unanticipated consequences for affected communities. Interventions like REDD+ (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation) can alter informal land use practices and undermine traditional forms of conflict resolution.


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