Recurring Storms: Food Insecurity, Political Instability, and Conflict [Video]

Source: CSIS, 2017

Author(s): Emmy Simmons

Countries: Afghanistan, Nigeria, Syria

Topics: Climate Change, Conflict Causes, Governance, Livelihoods, Renewable Resources

Added: 10/04/2017


Please join us for the launch of our newest report, Recurring Storms: Food Insecurity, Political Instability, and Conflict, written by Emmy Simmons. Hear a presentation and join a dialogue with experts on why renewed and expanded international collaboration to anticipate and prepare for food insecurity is essential. Afghanistan, Nigeria, and Syria are examples that vividly underscore the explosiveness of fragile states and the issues that need to be prioritized in order to regain sustainable food security. Averting future storms will require the recognition that food security challenges will extend long beyond 2030, political leadership must be visibly committed to these issues, and actions to reduce fragmentation will be critical.


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