Conserving the Peace: Resources, Livelihoods and Security

Conserving the Peace: Resources, Livelihoods and Security

Source: Editors: Mark Halle, Richard Matthew, Jason Switzer (IISD and IUCN), 2003

Countries: Haiti, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Rwanda, Zimbabwe

Topics: Conflict Prevention, Livelihoods

Added: 09/11/2013


In the space of a very few months, conflict prevention and resolution have become the central questions on the desks of ministers and civil servants. Yet the nature of the conflicts we face today differs fundamentally from the competition between nations that shook the world six decades ago. Today’s conflicts are largely internal to countries, yet the implications can touch even the main streets of the world’s financial centres. Addressing economic inequities and injustices, and ensuring that all sectors of society are playing a role that supports peace, are today as important for international security as diplomacy and military force.


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