Food Security and Livelihood Assessment: Syria

Food Security and Livelihood Assessment: Syria

Source: Food Security Cluster, 2016

Author(s): Regional Food Security Analysis Network, FAO, iMMAP, and Food Security Cluster

Countries: Syria

Topics: Humanitarian Assistance, Livelihoods, Renewable Resources

Added: 25/10/2016


With the Syrian crisis now in its sixth year, the humanitarian situation across the country continues to deteriorate. Since March 2011, violence in Syria has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives and resulted in more than 11 million people – over half of the population - fleeing their homes. Approximately 4.8 million Syrians have taken refuge in the region, most notably Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and North Africa. As of December 2015, out of a population of around 18 million, 6.5 million people were estimated to be internally displaced. A deep economic recession, depreciating national currency, soaring food and fuel prices, disrupted markets, and food insecurity continue to contribute to extreme vulnerability throughout the country.

To better understand pressures on food security and livelihoods and to support strategic planning for interventions, the Food Security Cluster in Gaziantep, Turkey commissioned a Food Security and Livelihoods Assessment that was carried out between December 2015 and February 2016. The assessment drew upon several methods of primary data collection, including householdlevel interviews, focus group discussions (FGDs) and key informant interviews (KIIs).


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