International Symposium on Water Diplomacy: An Overview

International Symposium on Water Diplomacy: An Overview

Source: SIWI, 2016

Topics: Conflict Causes, Gender, Governance, Renewable Resources

Added: 28/12/2016


In recent years, diplomacy has evolved to be more inclusive, open and transparent, involving more diverse actors than the traditional diplomats, in order to better tackle complex global challenges such as water scarcity and climate change. Global interdependencies are growing. Decision-making in one part of the world can easily impact possibilities to advance cooperation in others. International water cooperation is also closely associated with a range of policy areas and interests from non-state actors, such as foreign policy, security analyses, development agendas, environmental policy, private sector investments, and international legal frameworks. As a result, the process of water diplomacy is receiving growing interest from the diplomatic community and security analysists.


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