The Current Situation in Afghanistan

The Current Situation in Afghanistan

Source: USIP, 2017

Author(s): USIP

Countries: Afghanistan

Topics: Conflict Prevention, Governance, Humanitarian Assistance, Renewable Resources

Added: 01/02/2017


USIP works with local and international partners, both in government and from civil society, to address the immediate political crisis and underlying drivers of conflict. The Institute supports Afghan government agencies to strengthen the rule of law, reduce violent extremism, and build peacemaking skills across the country. The Institute strengthens the capacity of Afghan civil society organizations to advocate for good governance, people’s access to justice, an end to violent extremism and insurgency. USIP supports programs and research on constitutional reform and elections that promote effective governance, a sustainable economy, and credible elections. USIP’s work in Afghanistan includes: 

Mobilizing Local Communities to Counter Violent Extremism, Teaching Peace with Afghan Universities, Land Conflict Resolution, Consolidating the Rule of Law, and Research and Discussion to Inform Government Policies.


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