The Struggle for Life: Socio-environmental Conflicts in Mexico

The Struggle for Life: Socio-environmental Conflicts in Mexico

Source: Latin American Perspectives Journal, 2015

Author(s): Victor M. Toledo, David Garrido, and Narcisco Barrera-Bassols

Countries: Mexico

Topics: Economic Recovery , Extractive Resources, Livelihoods, Renewable Resources

Added: 07/02/2017


The global expansion of the neoliberal model is most forcefully expressed in the processes of social, cultural, and environmental predation undertaken by corporations in the so-called Global South. Three pertinent processes are taking place in Mexico: (1) an increase in socio-environmental conflicts, mainly in rural areas and in predominantly indigenous territories; (2) the proliferation of citizen resistance of an essentially communal, municipal, or micro-regional nature; and (3) increased violence against these resistance movements by the government across its three levels (federal, state, and municipal) in complicity (or not) with companies and corporations that are trying to implement projects that damage natural resources, affect the quality of the environment, and destroy cultures and the social fabric.


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