Come Together at the River

Come Together at the River

Source: EcoPeace Middle East, 2016

Countries: Israel, Jordan, Palestine

Topics: Conflict Prevention, Land, Livelihoods, Renewable Resources

Added: 23/02/2017


The Jordan River is a 250-kilometre long river, originating at Mount Hermon (Jabel Sheikh), flowing into the Sea of Galilee, and meandering its way down to the Dead Sea - approximately 428 meters below sea level, the lowest place on Earth. The River’s central location, at the meeting point of Asia, Africa and Europe, creates a lush, wetland ecosystem, rich in biodiversity. The land around the Jordan River and the Dead Sea is revered by Muslims, Christians and Jews as ‘blessed’. The Bible calls it “the Garden of the Lord” (Genesis 13: 10); “With my staff alone I crossed this Jordan, and now I have become two camps Save me, I pray” (Genesis 32:10-11), and the Holy Qur’an says that “whose surroundings We have blessed (17:1) God blessed the land “for all beings.” Indeed, half of humanity views the land and the River Jordan as the geographic and spiritual heartland of their faith.


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