Past the Tipping Point? Contract Disclosure within EITI

Past the Tipping Point? Contract Disclosure within EITI

Source: Natural Resource Governance Institute, 2017

Author(s): Rob Pitman and Don Hubert

Topics: Extractive Resources, Governance

Added: 09/03/2017


Four years after the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) began encouraging contract disclosure through its standardPast the Tipping Point? assesses the extent to which governments of resource-rich countries have taken up the recommendation. The report finds that disclosing the contracts and licenses that detail terms of resource exploitation has become the norm among EITI implementing countries. Based on a review of 51 EITI implementing countries and one subnational region, the report’s authors find that 29 EITI implementing governments—well over half—have disclosed at least some of these agreements, and several more are taking concrete steps to join their ranks. (See this table for findings for each country including references and links to key documents.)


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