World Water Crisis [Video]

World Water Crisis [Video]

Source: Press TV, 2017

Countries: Bolivia, Chile, India, Madagascar, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe

Topics: Conflict Causes, Renewable Resources

Added: 11/05/2017


The lack of water has become one of the biggest worries for mankind, but you wouldn't know it. At least for most of us, the alarm is not there. In part one of our 2 part series, we covered things like water security, water wars, and the function of water in the circular economy.

In this segment we will look at various case studies into how water is affecting different countries. This will not only aim to look at the global south who need it the most, but also the global north, who may be facing a water crisis of their own. We have told you how scarce water is in the previous program: This is Fortune Magazine's take on this precious commodity. “ Water is one of the world’s great business opportunities.""It promises to “be the 21st century what oil was to the 20th century.

According to a United Nations World Water Report (2006),70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water. However 97.5% of this is seawater which is not useful. Of the 2.5% fresh water, 68.7% is in the form of ice-caps and 30% is stored underground therefore making only 0.3% water available as surface water. Out of this surface water 87% is stored in lakes, 11% in swamp and 2% in rivers. As all of the sweet water is not ex-tractable,only 1% of the total water can be used by human beings. 


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