Livelihoods and Conflict in South Sudan

Livelihoods and Conflict in South Sudan

Source: Secure Livelihoods Research Consortium, 2016

Author(s): Martina Santschi

Countries: South Sudan

Topics: Livelihoods

Added: 04/10/2017


The SLRC South Sudan programme has been working since 2012 to identify and understand the realities of livelihoods, access to basic services, and perceptions of governance in post-independence South Sudan. In 2013, SLRC conducted research in Uror, Nyirol, and Pibor counties to examine the dynamics of service delivery, statebuilding and livelihood changes in the context of armed conflict and raiding. Following the outbreak of large-scale armed conflict in December 2013, the research was adjusted to reflect the shift in aid focus to humanitarian action.


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