Over 9,300 Participants Enrolled in the MOOC!

13 March 2018


There are currently 9,310 students enrolled in the MOOC! Based on the pre-course survey, participants represent over 150 countries and have a diversity of experiences. Participants joining the course work on topics including climate change, development, disasters and resilience, education, environmental or natural resource management, governance or international relations, humanitarian assistance, and more. Many respondents are students, but over half have an advanced degree. The professionals enrolled in the MOOC work in organizations including NGOs/nonprofits, private sector companies, international institutions, law firms, news agencies, security firms, and more. Given the importance of involving all possible groups in peacebuilding processes, professions, and related conversations, we are glad to see that almost half of our enrolled students identified themselves as women. We are looking forward learning from the course participants and sharing knowledge through discussion groups and other fora over the next eight weeks!


We would like to welcome the course participants who have joined the Environmental Peacebuilding Community of Practice in the past several weeks. We encourage you to share materials that are not already in the Library section of this website that you think may be relevant for posting. You can submit materials to share@environmentalpeacebuilding.org.




There is still time to enroll in the MOOC if you have not done so already! Those interested should register via the SDG Academy site here: https://courses.sdgacademy.org/learn/environmental-security-and-sustaining-peace-march-2018


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