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Smugglers Take Sheen From Uganda’s Bright Gold Refinery

19 July 2017 | Joseph Burite

African Gold Refinery, a Ugandan company, expects to process $1 billion worth of gold a year but is battling would-be smugglers turning to the precious metal to make easy money.   Gold is lucrative i...

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Timber Imports from Conflict Countries to EU Increasing

19 July 2017 | Jade Saunders and Marigold Norman

EU timber imports from conflict countries, which are at high risk of being illegal, have increased 14 percent, despite the European Union’s Timber Regulation (EUTR) legislation’s requirement that...

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How Armed Conflicts Impact the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions

18 July 2017 | Doug Weir

Since 1989, the Basel Convention, and later the Rotterdam and Stockholm conventions, have played an important role in international efforts to minimise the health and environmental threats from chemic...

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This is Not the Time for Kurdish Independence

18 July 2017 | Daniel Serwer

With the Islamic State near defeat in Syria and Iraq, the urgent and sanguinary is crowding out the merely important: the referendum on Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence, now scheduled for Sept. 25. T...

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How Climate Change Denial Threatens National Security

17 July 2017 | Nick Stockton

In a cramped meeting room Wednesday on Capitol Hill, House Democrats hosted a roundtable to discuss climate change with several national security experts. In attendance were two former admirals, a...

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National Security Implications of Climate Change

13 July 2017 | John Campbell

Climate change certainly has direct implications for the security of the United States, which other participants are exploring this afternoon.  But, we Americans must also be concerned about the secu...

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Afghanistan- Editorial: Smart Move

12 July 2017 | Afghanistan Times

Surely, land grabbing is a lucrative, but black business. In the past 16 years, land grabbing has become a permanent feature of Afghanistan's landscape, at same stage driver of conflict. The practice...

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War of Words Heats up between Iran and Afghanistan over Water Resources

12 July 2017 | Dominic Dudley

A long-running diplomatic squabble between Iran and Afghanistan over shared water resources appears to be intensifying, with the two countries’ presidents trading barbs in speeches over the past cou...

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Could DRC’s Resource Wealth be the Key to Ending Its Conflicts too?

10 July 2017 | Keith Slack

Africa watchers will know that the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is once again poised on the verge of violent conflagration.  How the country got there and how it might pull itself back from t...

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The Potentially Profound and Widespread Consequences of September's Kurdish Independence Vote

9 July 2017 | Feisal Amin Rasoul Al-Istrabadi

There is so little doubt that the referendum called for September on Kurdish independence from Iraq will pass overwhelmingly that it seems a waste of resources to hold it at all. To be clear, I do not...

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