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With New Peace, Colombia Finds Hope for Saving its Wild Lands

27 October 2017 | Lisa Palmer

Brandishing automatic rifles, the guerilla fighters ordered Andrés Cuervo to leave his camping gear and research notes at the abandoned wooden house where he had been staying. One of the insurgents w...

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Iraqis and Kurds Compete for Oil Deals, Gulf States Still Fighting PR War in Washington, Deadly Ambush in Egypt

26 October 2017 | J. Dana Stuster

The pressure is continuing to mount on Iraqi Kurdistan. After Iraqi forces pressed into Kirkuk last week, Baghdad and its regional partners have cinched their cordon around Kurdish areas tighter. Ov...

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Water Knowledge in Afghanistan: Weak but Growing Stronger

26 October 2017 | John Shroder and Sher Jan Ahmadzai

Water is absolutely critical to woefully arid Afghanistan, yet few people really know very much about their precious fluid.  The natural physics and the different chemistry of water is complicated...

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Water as a Basic Human Right Within the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

24 October 2017 | Erika Weinthal

In the Middle East, water often crosses political borders; because water is a shared resource, its effective management demands cooperation among different users. In the absence of cooperation, confli...

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Pressure on Colombia to Forcibly Eradicate Coca Could Spur Human Rights Violations: Think Tank

24 October 2017 | Jack Norman

US support for Colombia’s peace process will backfire unless counter-narcotics policies are implemented with much greater patience, according to a new report from a major Colombian think tank.   Ac...

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Colombia’s Frontlines of the Drug War: Cauca

20 October 2017 | Adriaan Alsema

Colombian authorities are combating cocaine production in some of the most remote regions. Cauca is one of the long-neglected areas where the drug trade has fueled political conflict.   In spite of...

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Who is Behind the Recent Rise of Genetically Modified Poppy in Afghanistan?

20 October 2017 | Irfan Takalvi

During the past two to two and half decades Afghanistan, under various regimes that controlled parts of the country, poppy has globally been highlighted as the most notorious origin of one of the worl...

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The Environmental Consequences of the Use of Armed Drones

20 October 2017 | Doug Weir

To date, debate over the implications of the growing use of armed drones has focused on human rights, on the expansion of the use of force into new contexts, and on the imbalances created by the newfo...

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Hazardous Legacies: An Open-Source Overview of the Destruction of Deir ez-Zor’s Oil Industry

20 October 2017 | Wim Zwijnenburg

Now that the so-called Islamic State (IS) is rapidly losing terrain in eastern Syria, a race is underway to capture the oil-rich Deir ez-Zor governorate. The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and militias loyal...

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Myanmar’s Evolving Maritime Security Landscape

18 October 2017 | Rajni Gamage

Myanmar links South and Southeast Asia and lies on maritime shipping routes from the Indian and Pacific Oceans. A key pillar of its national development agenda is establishing an efficient and integra...

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