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Land Committees: An Opportunity for Inclusion

7 July 2017 | Caitlin Pierce and Ye Yint Htun

Of the long list of legacy woes leftover to the new government after decades of military rule, the issue of land confiscation is one of the most important. According to the now-defunct Parliamentary L...

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Why the New Conflict-Free Gold Program May Be about Far More

3 July 2017 | Rob Bates

Most mineral-tracking schemes—and we have covered quite a few—have a serious downside: They generally work with established mining companies. That threatens the artisanal sector, the poorest, most...

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Demining Workshop Helps Families in Afghanistan Return Home Safely

3 July 2017 | Amy OHalloran

People in many communities across Afghanistan face daily dangers from landmines and unexploded ordnance that remain behind as a deadly legacy of over four decades of conflict. As many as 150 people ar...

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The DRC is Revisiting its Mining Code. Why Reform is Long Overdue

30 June 2017 | Ben Radley

The government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) recently announced plans to reintroduce the shelved changes to the country’s mining code. The current mining code, introduced in 2002,...

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Costs of Conflict Minerals Compliance (1 of 3) - Why Lower than Expected?

30 June 2017 | Dynda A. Thomas

The out-of-pocket costs of compliance with the SEC conflict minerals rule have been lower than those originally estimated by industry and by the SEC. But, it’s not because the original estimates wer...

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Whose Responsibility is it Anyway? Environmental Obligations in the Nuclear Ban Treaty

30 June 2017 | Doug Weir

We’re just over halfway through the negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons and, while some campaigners and states seem generally happy with the progress being made on the draft text, th...

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Water Wars: The South China Sea Security Dialogue That Wasn’t

26 June 2017 | Jared Dummitt and Eliot Kim

The United States and China participated in the inaugural U.S.-China Diplomatic and Security Dialogue (D&SD) on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.. The negotiations were initially launched by Preside...

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Colombian Town Votes against Huge Open-Pit Mine

22 June 2017 | Michelle Begue

In 2006, a discovery in the small Colombian town called Cajamarca would change its future. Julio Roberto Vargas a community leader of the region, said he heard the news on the local television, “thr...

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The UN Wants to Respond to Climate Change and Prevent Conflict, but When?

21 June 2017 | Jonathan Rozen

Climate change, civil conflict, and violent extremism are among the most significant threats to global human development, peace, and security. UN-led plans to address all three require immediate actio...

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Coming Kurdish Vote Could Change the Mid East & Oil Markets as We Know It

15 June 2017 | Ellen R. Wald

The Kurds are a distinct ethnic group of people living in parts of Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria. Over the past thirty-five years they have been persecuted by Saddam Hussein and the Turkish government...

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