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Whose Responsibility is it Anyway? Environmental Obligations in the Nuclear Ban Treaty

30 June 2017 | Doug Weir

We’re just over halfway through the negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons and, while some campaigners and states seem generally happy with the progress being made on the draft text, th...

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Water Wars: The South China Sea Security Dialogue That Wasn’t

26 June 2017 | Jared Dummitt and Eliot Kim

The United States and China participated in the inaugural U.S.-China Diplomatic and Security Dialogue (D&SD) on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.. The negotiations were initially launched by Preside...

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Colombian Town Votes against Huge Open-Pit Mine

22 June 2017 | Michelle Begue

In 2006, a discovery in the small Colombian town called Cajamarca would change its future. Julio Roberto Vargas a community leader of the region, said he heard the news on the local television, “thr...

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The UN Wants to Respond to Climate Change and Prevent Conflict, but When?

21 June 2017 | Jonathan Rozen

Climate change, civil conflict, and violent extremism are among the most significant threats to global human development, peace, and security. UN-led plans to address all three require immediate actio...

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Coming Kurdish Vote Could Change the Mid East & Oil Markets as We Know It

15 June 2017 | Ellen R. Wald

The Kurds are a distinct ethnic group of people living in parts of Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria. Over the past thirty-five years they have been persecuted by Saddam Hussein and the Turkish government...

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Water and Conflict: Fighting Wars over a Precious Resource

14 June 2017 | Peter Neill

We have been fighting wars over the most valuable resource on the planet since thousands of years B.C. We speak today of water wars as if they are a new development in history. But as the most valuab...

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Food Insecurity Strains Deepen amid Civil Conflict and Drought

13 June 2017 | UN Food and Agriculture Organisation

8 June 2017, Rome--Large agricultural harvests in some regions of the world are buoying global food supply conditions, but protracted fighting and unrest are increasing the ranks of the displaced and...

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Advancing U.S. Prosperity and Security in a Thirsty World

9 June 2017 | Jane Harman & Carter Roberts

The waters of Lake Chad sustain 70 million people in four countries. Beginning in the 1970s, the 25,000-square-kilometer lake began shrinking due to excessive drawdown for agriculture and mining. Now...

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Penn State Experts Promote Cacao as an Alternative to Illicit Crops in Colombia

9 June 2017 | David Pacchioli

As codirectors of Penn State’s endowed cocoa research program and professors in the College of Agriculture, Mark Guiltinan and Siela Maximova work together all over the world. Still, the email last...

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Beyond Humanitarian Hand-outs: Sowing the Seeds of Food Security in Syria

6 June 2017 | Dr. Anas Al Kaddour

Is it possible in the Syria conflict for humanitarian responders to look beyond immediate humanitarian assistance into resilience-focused work? It can seem near impossible, especially as public discou...

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