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Bailing on the Paris Climate Deal Would Be a Huge Security Risk

5 June 2017 | Rep. Raúl Grijalva and Michael Shank

The Trump Administration is poised to isolate itself from reality once again — this time by potentially withdrawing the United States from the Paris climate agreement. One-hundred-and-ninety-five co...

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Life after Myitsone

5 June 2017 | Joern Kristensen

After more than five years of uncertainty, it seems likely that the Myitsone Dam will be cancelled.   Such a decision would create a rare opportunity for dialogue between government and civil society...

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Understanding Gender, Conflict And The Environment

5 June 2017 | Alex Reid

The importance of gender in our understanding of the environment and conflict is often camouflaged. Take, for example, the infamous natural resource exploitation that characterised the conflict in the...

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Smuggling Away Myanmar's Chance for Peace

1 June 2017 | Tom Fawthrop

A government-led peace process aimed at ending 60 years of civil war has little chance of success, according to civil society groups, until the government comes to grips with a multi-billion dollar ja...

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The Nuclear Ban Treaty Needs Work if It’s to Deliver on the Environment

25 May 2017 | Doug Weir

In March this year, 132 states began negotiations on a treaty banning nuclear weapons, seeking to resolve an anomaly that had seen other forms of weapons of mass destruction or indiscriminate effect b...

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People and Wildlife are Both Casualties of Illicit Mining

24 May 2017 | Richard Ruggiero

Despite its vast size and relative intactness, Congo’s forest area and wildlife are under severe threat. Between 2002 and 2011, forest elephants experienced a devastating 62 percent population decl...

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Leaving Mining Behind in a Sustainable Liberia

21 May 2017 | Roshny Vijayakar

Mining operations degrade the environment through soil erosion, water contamination, air pollution, and often deforestation. These can lead to respiratory illnesses, heavy metal poisoning, sediment...

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Agriculture: An Opportunity for Better Jobs for Afghanistan’s Youth

18 May 2017 | Abdul Qadeer Jawad

Until the late 1970s, Afghanistan was one of the world’s top producer of horticultural products and supplied 20 percent of the raisins on the global market. The country held a dominant position in...

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Risk, but Also Opportunity in Climate Fragility and Terror Link

17 May 2017 | Florian Krampe

In a recent article for New Security Beat, Colin Walch made the case that the abandonment of some communities in Mali to deal with climate change on their own has created “fertile ground” for ji...

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Food Access and the Logic of Violence During Civil War

15 May 2017 | Ore Koren and Benjamin Bagozzi

In 1981, Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen noted that “starvation is the characteristic of some people not having enough food to eat. It is not the characteristic of there being not enough food to eat....

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