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What Is at Stake in Iraqi Kurdish Vote for Independence?

18 September 2017 | Michael Knights

On 25 September, the residents of Kurdish-controlled areas inside Iraq will have the opportunity to vote in a referendum on their preference for the future of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI), a sem...

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Destabilizing Egypt; Ethiopia’s Nile River Dam

14 September 2017 | Thomas C. Mountain

Ethiopia’s new “ Grand Renaissance Dam”, scheduled to be completed next year, will take close to half (40%) of the Nile River’s water every year for the next 5 years as it fills up. How is Egy...

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Tomorrow May Be Too Late: Military Leaders Testify on National Security Challenges of Climate Change

13 September 2017 | Amanda King

As the Senate returns from recess, passing the annual National Defense Authorization Act will be one of its top priorities—and this year it could include a potentially controversial amendment direct...

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Is the Military Prepared for Climate Crisis?

13 September 2017 | Sharmini Peries

If you live in the U.S., it is not news that we have been hit by two devastating hurricanes in the last two weeks. First, Hurricane Harvey brought extreme flooding into Texas last week, and this was t...

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A New Film, Silas, Premiering at the Toronto International Film Festival, Highlights the Struggle to Fight Liberian Land Grabs

11 September 2017 | Jonathan Gant

In 2012, while working for my anti-corruption NGO Global Witness, I sat down with a tribal chief in an isolated region of Liberia called Dugbeh. I was researching secretive logging deals in the countr...

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Whither Peacebuilding Initiatives? The Escalation of Herder-Farmer Conflicts in Nigeria

10 September 2017 | Akachi Odoemene

There is a growing trend towards episodic, low-intensity conflicts across Nigeria, particularly in its north-central and southern zones. These conflicts often involve nomadic Fulani herdsmen and seden...

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Climate Variability, Water, and Security in El Salvador

10 September 2017 | Herman Rosa, Chelsea Spangler

Water-related challenges in El Salvador have acquired far greater significance over the past decade as they have intersected with other social problems including migration, criminal violence, and drug...

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How to Free Children Like Samira from Somalia’s Cycle of Drought, Conflict & Hunger

7 September 2017 | Kevin Watkins

Humanitarian action in Somalia has saved lives. Six months ago, a full-blown famine was in prospect as the worst drought in living memory tightened its grip. That famine didn’t happen. Instead of r...

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Reforming Women's Property Rights in Afghanistan

6 September 2017 | Gayle Tzemach Lemmon, Becky Allen

On paper, the law is clear: men and women enjoy equal property rights under Afghanistan's 2004 Constitution. But on-the-ground reality says otherwise as a combination of tradition and customary laws k...

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Big Data’s Big Role in Reducing Water Stress

6 September 2017 | Nitin Donde

Water stress is not an arcane term just used by hydrologists. It is defined as the inability to meet the ‘human and ecological demand for water.' The effective use of water resources has been well d...

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