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Fertile Ground: Climate Change and Jihadism in Mali

9 May 2017 | Colin Walch

Herders, farmers, and fishermen have cohabited the middle region of Mali, known as the Macina, for centuries. Conflicts were generally peacefully managed by local chiefs in charge of land and water. Y...

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The Big Melt: Curbing Arctic Climate Change Aligns with U.S. Economic and National Security Goals

8 May 2017 | Cathleen Kelly and Howard Marano

The new normal of unparalleled climate change at the top of the world is on track to set off an accelerating chain reaction of warming with serious implications for U.S. national security both in the...

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GAO Issues Annual Report Showing Only Slight Progress in Disclosures on Conflict Minerals

2 May 2017 | Cydney Posner

The GAO has recently issued its third annual report on conflict minerals. The GAO is required by Dodd-Frank to report annually on the effectiveness of the SEC’s conflict minerals rule in promoting...

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Manufacturers Win if Conflict Minerals Requirements Are Axed – But That’s Not Likely

2 May 2017 | Jennifer Hermes

Manufacturers stand to win if the current administration succeeds in its efforts to all but repeal The Dodd-Frank Act, which the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) has called harmful and co...

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Chinese Delegation Blows up at Anti-Conflict Diamond Meeting to Sideline Taiwan

2 May 2017 | Robbie Gramer

Australia kick-started an international meeting on conflict diamonds, the Kimberly Process, on Monday with an indigenous-themed welcome ceremony. It was supposed to be a nice touch to give its interna...

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The European Conflict Minerals Regulation – What Are the Key Take away Points?

28 April 2017 | Paul Davies and Michael Green

The European Conflict Minerals Regulation (the Regulation) was approved by the European Council on 3 April, 2017. Publication in the Official Journal of the European Union will be the next step in the...

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De-Securitising the Indus

27 April 2017 | D. Suba Chandran

During recent years, water-sharing arrangements between and within countries in South Asia have been rife with multiple problems. Some of these have even led to episodes of violence — involving shut...

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Natural Resource Reform at Home – Not Walls – Will Stem the Tide of Migrants

21 April 2017 | Michael Jenkins and Emily E. Harwell

The answer to stemming the flow of migrants from troubled countries is not concrete walls and stricter laws – as British Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump would have us believ...

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The Water Mirage - Understanding Crisis Narratives around Water

21 April 2017 | Charlotte Grech-Madin

Given the existential value of water for all, it is perhaps unsurprising that water is embedded in discourses of security and crisis. The field of water security is broadly conceived by academics and...

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An Iconic River in Conflict: A Photo Journey along the Salween River

20 April 2017 | International Rivers

The Salween River holds a unique place among the world’s great rivers, not only due to its vibrant ecosystem and the rich biodiversity that it supports, but also because it remains largely untouched...

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