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Tiffany Achieves New Milestone in Conflict-free Diamond Sourcing

18 August 2014 | Just Means

Ethically sourced diamonds are an important means of socio-economic development in the local communities of the diamond-producing countries in Africa. Revenue generated from diamond export supports c...

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Environmental Peacebuilding: Constructing a More Durable Peace

15 August 2014 | Alliance for Peacebuilding

Natural resources are one of a country’s most critical assets for peacebuilding and post-conflict recovery. Land, forests, minerals, oil, water, and other resources are the foundations for rebuildin...

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Kurdish Oil Ban: What it Means

14 August 2014 | Wealth Daily

Divide and conquer – the most effective tactic of any insurrection – seems to be giving the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) all the momentum in its push to confiscate Iraqi territory. Excep...

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The ‘It’s About Oil’ Theory in Iraq Is Still Inaccurate

13 August 2014 | Defense One

Whenever the US takes military action in the Middle East, oil surfaces as the supposed primary rationale. So it is with president Barack Obama’s air war against ISIL, the Islamic militants who threa...

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The Reason for New U.S. and French Military Involvement In Iraq: Protecting Oil or Minorities?

13 August 2014 | GlobalResearch

Why is Obama now re-committing the U.S. military to Iraq? Why is France strongly backing military action? Obama says it’s to protect minorities. That’s nothing new.  Obama is the fourth presid...

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Three Ways that Oil Matters for the Crisis in Iraq

13 August 2014 | PeakOil

For months now, Sunni militants from the Islamic State (better known as ISIS) have been seizing control of large swathes of Iraq. But it wasn’t until they encroached into semi-autonomous Kurdish te...

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Outsiders Cannot Stop South Sudan's Oil War, Say Observers

12 August 2014 | Anadolu Agency

High-level proposals to use international monitors to oversee South Sudan's precious oilfields are doomed to failure until fighting between factions loyal to the country's president and his former dep...

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Vietnam, China Maritime Disputes: Time For A Paradigm Shift

7 August 2014 | Eurasia Review

Mr Rajaram Panda’s claim that “China’s illegal deployment of Haiyang Shiyou 981 oil rig is located 60-80 nautical miles deep within the exclusive economic zone and continental shelf of Vietnam"...

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Natural Resources: The Curse of Developing Countries?

6 August 2014 | Rappler

People are dying while sitting on the riches of their lands. This is the horrid reality in most developing countries, particularly in Indonesia.   Covering 1,904,570 square kilometers, Indonesia is e...

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Artisanal Gold Mining in the Amazon: Small-Scale Actions and Massive Challenges

6 August 2014 | Columbia University

Perhaps the most immediate threat to Peru’s forests comes from illegal small-scale gold mining, which accounts for nearly 20% of all of the country’s gold exports. This small-scale or artisanal mi...

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