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The Last Train

25 October 2014 | New York Times

When Secretary of State John Kerry began his high-energy effort to forge an Israeli-Palestinian peace, I argued that it was the last train for a two-state solution. If it didn’t work, it would mean...

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Intelligent Imagining: Scenarios to Manage Water as the Climate Changes

23 October 2014 | Moushumi Chaudhury, Paul Reig and Tien Shiao

Imagine a world just six years from now, when water governance is weak and there are no laws to manage water in a drying climate. Government provides scant support for cooperation to manage surface an...

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No Pain, No Gain: The Hassle of Conflict Mineral Audits Might Actually be Worth It

22 October 2014 | TTI, inc.

It is a simple question companies are required to ask and, depending on the direction of the latest appellate court decision, perhaps even answer: do your connectors contain conflict minerals? For the...

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Pates: Conflict and Hunger Increase Each Other

19 October 2014 | Des Moines Register

I welcome all of you from across Iowa and the country to our beautiful city of Des Moines. The opportunity to address you is one of the wonderful perks of being the Bishop of Des Moines. I often remin...

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China's Water Wars More Reality than Cli-Fi

19 October 2014 | Sydney Morning Herald

Living in Beijing, I often felt bad about taking a shower. It was guilt because, in our house, you had to run a good five minutes of water down the drain before it turned hot. Such a waste in a city i...

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Oil and Gas and the Debate over ‘Quality’ Investment

19 October 2014 | Mizzima

Not enough Myanmar companies are benefitting from foreign investment in the oil and gas sector, says Parami Energy group chairman and chief executive officer U Ken Tun. U Ken Tun says that of the c...

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What's on Deck in Libya: An Oil Rich Nation Nearing Anarchy

17 October 2014 | Site Intel Group

As the world focuses most of its attention on the Middle East, most specifically on Syria and Iraq, another nation in the region is also threatened by the grim specter of anarchy: Libya. Only three ye...

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What Do Iraq, Syria, and Ukraine Have in Common?

15 October 2014 | The Christian Science Monitor

I've been advancing a thesis for several months with friends that World War III is now underway. It's just that it's not the war we thought it would be, that is, a confrontation between major powers w...

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Is Burma the New Cambodia?

15 October 2014 | Corporate Knights

In 1996, a photograph began circulating among the foreign press in Phnom Penh. Sam Rainsy, Cambodia’s liberal opposition leader, was pictured sitting with Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi in Rangoon,...

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Interview on the Front Lines: Congolese Researcher Murairi Speaks on Dodd-Frank, Conflict Minerals

14 October 2014 | Enough Project

Bisie is a remote town in the Walikale district in eastern DR Congo. It has lucrative deposits of tin (cassiterite), along with coltan, diamond, uranium, cobalt, and bauxite deposits. Since its discov...

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