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ISAF’s Environmental Legacy in Afghanistan Requires Greater Scrutiny

1 September 2014 | Toxic Remnants of War

Since 2001, Afghanistan has seen intensive military activities from a number of countries that have contributed to the ISAF stabilisation force. With the drawdown of ISAF forces and a number of base c...

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5 Reasons NATO Needs to Worry About Climate Change

1 September 2014 | Responding to Climate Change

Climate change is likely to receive scant attention at the 2014 NATO summit, which takes place in Newport, Wales, this week. With Russia and the west snarling at each other, the gradual warming of the...

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The Wars That Really are About the Oil

30 August 2014 | Spectator

Is international conflict really just a fight over oil? It sometimes seems that way. In Syria and Iraq, the militants of the so-called ‘Islamic State’ sell captured oil while battling to establish...

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Learning From China’s Oil Rig Standoff With Vietnam

30 August 2014 | The Diplomat

On May 2, China unilaterally placed an oil-drilling rig in waters 120 miles from Vietnam’s coast – near islands claimed by both countries and well within Hanoi’s 200-mile exclusive economic zone...

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What is the Environmental Cost of War?

30 August 2014 | The Guardian

The last time the ecological cost of war was a hot topic we were still worried about the ozone layer and George Michael’s “Praying for Time” was on the radio. That was 1991, when the Gulf War be...

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NATO Urged to Recognise Natural Resource Governance as Crucial to Afghanistan’s Future Stability and Security

29 August 2014 | Global Witness

NATO’s hopes for stability in Afghanistan – and a lasting legacy from its 11 year combat mission there – will be deeply undermined without action to address the growing threat of conflict and co...

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How the Carolinas Fixed Their Blurred Lines

26 August 2014 | New York Times

Border disputes between American states are as old as the republic, but in today’s highly charged political atmosphere they often take an ugly turn. Georgia and Tennessee, to cite the loudest curren...

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Mideast Water Wars: In Iraq, A Battle for Control of Water

26 August 2014 | Yale Environment 360

There is a water war going on in the Middle East this summer. Behind the headline stories of brutal slaughter as Sunni militants carve out a religious state covering Iraq and Syria, there lies a battl...

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East Africa Oil Boom: Resource Curse or Infrastructure Delinquency?

26 August 2014 | Ventures Africa

East Africa is the new oil and gas frontier. Recent discoveries of commercially viable deposits in the last few years in Tanzania, Mozambique, and Uganda among others have sparked excitement and equal...

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Timor-Leste Success

26 August 2014 | Foreign Affairs

The headline of Madhu Narasimhan’s recent piece (“The World’s Youngest Failed State,” August 12, 2014) is dramatic, but his assertion is unfounded and untrue. Over the years, more than a few a...

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