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9 March 2017 | CARE


Deadline: 31 March 2017


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CARE has been present in Chad since 1974 where over time it has developed humanitarian and development programs, serving the poorest communities on the margin of society. Today CARE Chad works with Internal Displaced persons in the Lake Chad, refugee populations from neighboring countries (CAR), and Chadian communities through its 6 field offices in the East (Biltine), South (Gore, Maro) and West (Bol, BagaSola, N’Gouri) of the country, and a coordination, representation and support office in Ndjamena, the capital.  CARE Chad has an annual average of 160 staff (local and international).


CARE Canada is the Lead Member in CARE International for Chad, Cuba, Indonesia, Kenya, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. CARE Canada manages an overall average total program portfolio of $80M per annum.  Technically, these Country Offices (CO’s) are considered to be branches of CARE Canada.


CARE Chad priority investment is directed towards our impact group constituted by the most important change agents - women and girls and their communities.


The multi-million dollar program portfolio of CARE in Chad is structured around three program pillars composed of a set of coherent initiatives addressing humanitarian needs and root causes of poverty and social injustice, including: i) food security, nutrition, pastoralism and resilience; ii) women’s rights, gender justice and empowerment, iii) and population movements (refugees, internal displaced persons, and returnees) and emergency assistance. Our approach is based on innovative solutions that allow access to essential basic services, capacity building of local organizations and institutions scale up of impactful models, and policy and advocacy for sustainable change.



Job Summary


Reporting to the Chad Country Director, the Assistant Country Director – Program Support (ACD-PS) is responsible for overall management of the Country Office’s various support units; Finance, Human Resources, Administration, Logistics and IT to ensure optimum support to programs/ projects within the policies of CARE International, CARE Canada and the laws of host country.


She/he provides training, mentoring and coaching to senior program support managers as they mature in their responsibilities. She/he ensures that projects and programs receive the quality and quantity of services required in a timely manner. She/he ensures that rigorous systems are in place and that senior managers ensure compliance with these systems. She/he minimizes financial risk where possible.


The ACD-PS will ensure CARE’s compliance with the Government of Chad’s laws and CARE International regulations. She/he will ensure harmonious relations between program support departments and the programs they serve, and assist the Country Director in overall management of the Country Office (CO).




Key Responsibilities and Tasks


1. Finance Department Management (35%)

  • Provides overall management of the Country Office’s Finance Department to ensure that optimum financial support is provided to Country Office programs/projects within established CARE Canada and CARE International financial policies and principles and within the standards set by the Country Office.
  • Provides advice to the Country Director on financial matters, particularly the monthly review of the balance sheet;
  • Minimizes financial risks specifically in the areas of cash management and foreign exchange exposure;
  • Assists the program/project managers with donor contracts. Provides advice & expertise at the project/program budget proposal development and final submission stage;
  • Ensures that the monthly financial review is conducted and HQ recommendations are implemented;
  • Identifies potential financial risks and capture all such risks through the Financial Exposure tracking system;
  • Reviews and monitors the Country Offices financial policies, systems and procedures and initiates development or correction as required. When financial policies are to be changed or new ones introduced, the ACD-S ensure there is liaison and consultation with the SMT;
  • Closely monitors Reserve Bank and Governmental policies, regulations, and banking policies and provides advice on payment issues;
  • Liaise with the ACD Programs, to ensure that the contract liabilities are collected in a timely manner and that Programs and projects expenditures are in line with the contract budgets;
  • Authorize Country Office statements, staff payroll, financial reports, adjusting journal entries, cash receipts and signs checks and bank letters;
  • Supervises the preparation and submission of the Country Office budgets by line managers and finance staff, to ensure that budgets reflect Country Office needs and CARE International (CI) budgetary requirements;
  • Provides liaison with other departments, sub-offices, CARE Canada and other CARE’s to provide information, guidance, address issues, and to ensure there is an understanding and compliance with/ of Country Office finance requirements and standards;
  • Relays the macro direction, for the Country Office and CI, to all finance departments and finance managers.  Authorizes overall finance plans for budgets, staffing, and procurement and makes final decisions on policy-level financial matters and provides an overview to the department on investments, banking, and forex transactions;
  • Audits the accounting practices of the Country Office finance staff through the authorization of various documents and financial instruments, and takes corrective action as necessary;
  • Directly supervise the Finance Manager and provide general team leadership for the Finance department.



2. Logistic, Administration and Human Resources (30%)

  • Provides overall management of the Country Office’s Logistic and Administration and departments to ensure that optimum service support is provided to Country Office projects within established CARE Canada and CARE International operational principles. The ACD, PS will be responsible for ensuring that gender equality and diversity principles are upheld in the recruitment, orientation, performance and management of staff.
  • Review and monitor Country Office administration policies, systems and procedures and initiate development and/or corrective action as required.  (Administration includes legal affairs; administrative liaison with the National Government; the management of buildings and properties; fleet management; asset management; procurement, shipping, office equipment and office supplies, etc);
  • Review and monitor the adherence of the Country Office to CARE operational    policies and to the laws of the host Country and initiate corrective action as required;
  • Review and monitor the Country Office vehicle use and practices in order to attain optimum efficiency of CARE’s vehicle fleet;
  • Authorizes property leases, major contracts and all other major administrative actions;
  • Reviews and monitors the vendor data base and ensures that CARE International policies and procedures are adhered to in the purchasing of goods and services and takes corrective action as required;
  • Review and monitor the production and use of administration data within the Country Office and initiate development and correction of such practices as required;
  • Authorize administration department budgets, staffing and goals and objectives and in consultation with the SMT, make final decisions on policy level administrative matters after consultation with the SMT;
  • Consult and liaise with GoC offices, lawyers and others when required for protocol or trouble shooting purposes;
  • Directly supervises the Logistic and Administration Managers and provides team leadership to the departments;
  • Oversee the department of the Human resources and makes sure that rules, such as prescribed by the Chadian Labor law, are applied as regards the recruitment, the dismissals, the disciplinary causes;
  • Oversee the good application and the respect of the procedures as described in Manuel of Human Resources of CARE Chad;
  • In a close collaboration with the program department, he assure the planning of the recruitment for avoiding delay at the beginning of a new project and at the same time he has to make sure that the talents management is efficient.
  • The ACD, PS will be responsible for ensuring that gender equality and diversity principles are upheld in the recruitment, orientation, performance and management of staff."



3. Information Technology (5%)

  • Provides overall management of the Country Office’s Information Technology (IT) unit to ensure that optimum IT support is provided to services to Country Office Programs/projects within CARE International operational procedures.
  • Authorize IT budgets, staffing plans, goals and objectives, including upgrading  and development the CO IT system;
  • Review and monitor IT policies, systems and procedures and initiate development and/or corrective action as required;
  • Directly supervises the IT manager, and provides team leadership to the unit.



4. Country Strategy (5%)

  • Assists the Country Director in overall Country Office management in order to ensure that the Country Office most effectively pursues the achievement of the organizational purpose and the country strategy.
  • Assist in liaison with the Country Director, and represent CARE to the host      government, donor, local and international agencies, communities and the general public for his/her sphere of operation;
  • Participate in CARE forums (in country and internationally) when required;
  • Performs any other duties as required by the Country Director or CARE headquarters.



5. Programme Support (10%)

  • Supervises and supports the program support activities in Country Office sub-offices and district project offices.
  • Directly supervises the Sub-Office Program Support Administrator and indirectly supervises other positions with similar responsibilities in sub and project offices.   Provides team leadership to sub-office program support teams;
  • Provides policy, systems, and compliance support to sub and project offices;
  • Authorizes main office and sub-office program support budget, staffing and development plans.



6. CARE Canada Headquarters (15%)

  • Ensure monthly financial and other management reports for CARE Canada are prepared accurately and on a timely basis. This entails respecting the deadlines set in the financial calendar;
  • Ensure that all CARE Canada policies and procedures are implemented fully following the Country Office Finance Manual as well as other CI manuals;
  • Safeguard and propagate CARE Canada interests in dealings with external parties in your areas of responsibility e.g. other CI Members, Host Country Governments etc. through proper review of Contracts, Individual Project Implementation Agreements and other legal documents;
  • Liaise with HQ and other CI members as required and ensure that all reports/information due to them are submitted in a timely manner;
  • Ensure the preparation and submission of the CO annual budgets and pipeline reports to CARE Canada including submitting budget revisions are done in a timely and accurate manner;
  • Ensure that the CO policies and procedures are in line with CARE Canada’s policies and procedures;
  • Respond to queries and correspondence from CARE Canada and other CI members;
  • At year end, coordinate with CARE Canada HQ their requirements regarding timelines and deliverables for annual CARE Canada audit;
  • Provide ad hoc reports and analysis as requested by the Director Financial Performance and Risk Management, International Operations CARE Canada






  • Minimum 7 years of international development or humanitarian assistance experience in program support roles;
  • Expatriate experience with an International NGO for a minimum of 3 years;
  • Excellent management skills and experience;
  • Strong finance, HR, administration and audit skills and experience;
  • Excellent team building, coaching and mentoring skills and proven experience in managing multi-sectoral teams;
  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills;
  • Excellent English and French communication skills (spoken and written).



  • Former experience in Chad
  • Experience with CARE at a similar position will be strongly considered



Key Competencies

  • Intercultural sensitivity
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Accurate and timely reporting
  • Good understanding of risk management
  • Appropriate and effective financial oversight
  • Budget compliance and oversight
  • Diplomacy
  • Effective implementation of personnel policies
  • Effective use of administrative systems
  • Innovation/Use of best practices
  • Master all relevant financial systems
  • Master all required information systems
  • Organizational planning
  • Work well in team context



Education & Training



  • University degree (Bachelor or Masters) in management, business administration or a related field (must be able to provide documentary evidence of the degree for work permit application);



  • Diploma in logistic/procurement/RH
  • Professional accounting designation



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