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Issue 6: 1 Apr 2014


Summer Course: The Center for World Religions, Diplomacy, and Conflict Resolution (Registration Deadline: 1 May)
31 March 2014 | George Mason University
This program is designed to provide graduate students with intensive training and practice in field research methods, as well as insight into the complex local dynamics of conflict. The course will take place in the city of Jogjakarta, Java, Indonesia, and will include visiting instruction by Indonesian and U.S.-based academics and grassroots... Read More

MSc Water Security and International Development Program
31 March 2014 | University of East Anglia
The MSc Water Security and International Development degree interprets 'water security' in its broad political ecology and political economy sense. We believe that the hydrological cycle is intimately connected to critical global policy concerns: climate change, food trade and food security, energy security - and in turn to the international cooperation that affects human,... Read More

Call for Papers: The Extractive Industries and Post-conflict Reconstruction in Developing Countries (Deadline: 31 August)
31 March 2014 | The Extractive Industries and Society (Elsevier Journals)
Since the 1990s, scholarship and policy have drawn considerable attention to the economic dimensions of contemporary armed conflicts.  Recent interest in the ‘resource curse’ has spawned extensive debate among researchers and policymakers, particularly around how the ‘materiality’ of some natural resources tends to be more prone to fuelling conflict.  Indeed,... Read More

Water Management in Post-Conflict Countries Critical to Peace Building and Economic Recovery – New Study
21 March 2014 | ELI & UNEP
WASHINGTON, DC - 21 March 2014 ‒ In times of war, water resources and infrastructure are often destroyed or become inaccessible to large segments of people living in conflict areas.  Restoring these critical services can avert humanitarian crises and rebuild state authority, according to a new study launched today by... Read More


iPCMP Webinar: Conflict Minerals Platform
2 April 2014 | iPoint, Web-based
Get to know the iPoint Conflict Minerals Platform. Join our free webinar on April 2nd at 11 a.m. EST. Learn how you can streamline your conflict minerals reporting processes and gain quick visibility to and validation of your supplier’s mineral sources through iPoint’s intuitive and web-based software solution iPCMP. Read More

Toxic Remnants of War Project: Protecting Civilians Means Protecting the Environment
3 April 2014 | Geneva, Switzerland
Legal provisions for the protection of the environment during and after conflict are widely viewed as inadequate. Environmental damage infringes fundamental human rights, often for many years after conflicts, and poses challenges for effective peacebuilding. The lack of clear obligations to minimise, assess or remedy environmental pollution from military activities... Read More

IAFOR: Asian Conference on Sustainability, Energy and the Environment
12 June 2014 | Osaka, Japan
Conflict within communities and societies is inevitable given that these groups are based on commonality of geography, values, attitudes, and beliefs that help to differentiate one from another. The dialectic engendered by diversity, however, although it may lead to conflict, can play an important role in the expansion of ideas... Read More

Library Resources

Natural Resources and Peacebuilidng: Special Edition Newsletter
PBSO and UNEP, 2014
In many post-conflict countries and fragile contexts, natural resources are a cornerstone for peacebuilding and development. The challenge lies in sustainably transforming a country’s natural assets into employment, livelihoods, revenues, infrastructure and state services without creating new sources of conflict or causing major environmental damage. Read More

After War, Launching Liberia’s Future
USAID, 2014
LAUNCH is working to empower  tens of thousands of Liberia’s most vulnerable to lift themselves out of poverty. A USAID Food for Peace program, LAUNCH, which is implemented by ACDI/VOCA, Project Concern International (PCI), John Snow Inc. (JSI), and Making Cents International (MCI), supports the U.S. Government’s Feed the Future Initiative. Read More

Myanmar: Act Immediately to Protect Displaced People's Rights
Michel Gabaudan and Melanie Teff, Refugees International, 2014
As Myanmar continues its renewed engagement with the international community, it must begin to address the serious violations of the rights of ethnic minorities that plague the country. Nearly two years after violence erupted in June 2012, almost 140,000 Muslims (primarily Rohingyas) remain displaced in Rakhine State in conditions of... Read More

Case Study on Land in Burma
Giles Henley (Evidence on Demand), 2014
Burma is a fragile state undergoing a period of profound economic and political reform following a period of conflict and isolation. As the poorest country in South Asia, land is the main asset for many people, especially in rural areas where most of Burma’s population lives. Read More


IDRC Doctoral Research Awards (Deadline: 2 April)
19 March 2014 | International Development Research Centre
Since 1982, IDRC has helped graduate students undertake thesis research in the field of international development. IDRC Doctoral Research Awards are intended to promote the growth of Canadian and developing-country capacity in research on sustainable and equitable development from an international perspective.  Read More

Programme Manager - Eastern DRC (Deadline: 30 March)
24 March 2014 | World Wide Fund for Nature
The Eastern DRC Programme Manager will oversee the implementation of multiple active programmes in the Greater Virunga and Kahuzi-Biega/Itombwe landscapes within a regional context; line-manage E-DRC programme managers, as well as the finance and operations manager, assure liaison between the E-DRC programmes and the Kinshasa office, and develop strategic partnerships... Read More

Co-Coordinator - WASH Cluster (Deadline: 4 April)
25 March 2014 | Medair
Medair seeks a qualified co-coordinator to join the WASH Cluster to assist the Coordinator and to represent NGO cluster members. The co-coordinator will work within the WASH Cluster which includes:  UN Lead Agency - The UN agency that serves as the Global Cluster Lead is UNICEF; NGO Co-Lead Agency, the NGO... Read More

Protection Adviser - Payments for Ecosystem Services Project (Deadline: 6 April)
26 March 2014 | Fauna & Flora International
FFI is seeking a highly experienced and results-orientated individual in protected areas management, law enforcement and bio-monitoring to act as the protection advisor for a hydro-dam reservoir site and the wider Cardamom Mountains Landscape. Read More

International News

Crimea: Crimea Crisis Has Little Impact Thus Far on Russian Oil Deals
28 March 2014 | Andrew E. Kramer and David Jolly, The New York Times
MOSCOW — The French energy giant Total is in talks with Lukoil to form a joint venture to develop shale oil in Russia, as Moscow seeks to offset declining production from its conventional oil fields in Siberia. Read More

Myanmar: $5.7Bn in Timber Smuggled Out of Burma, Illegal Logging Rampant: Report
26 March 2014 | Paul Vrieze and Htet Naing Zaw, The Irrawaddy
RANGOON — Between 2000 and 2013, Burma’s rich forests were decimated through authorized logging as well as a massive illegal timber trade that saw 22.8 million cubic meters of wood with an estimated total value of US$8 billion leave the country, a new report says. Read More

Africa: Insecure Land Tenure Holds Back Post-Conflict African Societies, Say Experts
26 March 2014 | Kayode Ogunbunmi, Thomson Reuters Foundation
WASHINGTON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A lack of clear-cut and secure land rights means people from post-conflict African countries are prevented from getting the most out of the land they rely upon for their survival. Read More

Iraq: ‘Environmental Poisoning’ of Iraq Is Claimed
26 March 2014 | Jada F. Smith, The New York Times
WASHINGTON — An advocacy group representing American military veterans and Iraqi civilians arrived here on Wednesday armed with a message for the United States government: Washington must do something for the thousands of people suffering from what the group called the “environmental poisoning” of Iraq during the war. Read More

Palestine: UN Envoy Gravely Concerned at Reported Plans for New Israeli Settlements
22 March 2014 | Relief Web
Source: UN News Service Country: occupied Palestinian territory 22 March 2014 – The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process on Saturday voiced grave concern at the Israeli Government's reported plans to advance over 2,300 settlement units, many of them deep inside the West Bank. Read More

Myanmar: A Referendum in Rakhine State?
20 March 2014 | Zeeshan Khan, Dhaka Tribune
A full 42% of Myanmar's Rakhine State, bordering Bangladesh, is ethnically South Asian and speaks a variant of Bangla. The districts of Sittwe and Muangdaw are nearly 95% or so, and their persecution in a xenophobic and oppressive Myanmar is well known. They are not welcome there and are considered foreign. Read More

Libya: SEAL Team Raids a Tanker and Thwarts a Militia’s Bid to Sell Libyan Oil
17 March 2014 | David D. Kirkpatrick, The New York Times
CAIRO — United States Navy commandos seized a renegade tanker carrying illicit Libyan oil in the Mediterranean southeast of Cyprus on Monday, thwarting a breakaway militia’s attempt to sell the oil on the black market. No shots were fired, no one was injured and the commandos captured three armed Libyans... Read More

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