Environmental Peacebuilding Update

Issue 8: 29 Apr 2014


Call for Applications: West African Peacebuilding Institute (Deadline: 15 June)
24 April 2014 | West Africa Network for Peacebuilding
WAPI was established to provide specialized, intensive, and culturally sensitive training in conflict transformation and peacebuilding to individuals, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), the Business Community, Policy-makers, Government institutions and other relevant actors from West Africa and worldwide.  For the past years, WAPI has provided the space and platform for the... Read More

Call for Applications: 40 Chances Fellows Program (Deadline: 31 May)
21 April 2014 | 40 Chances Fellows Program
The 40 Chances Fellows program will fund four 40 Chances Fellows with the most innovative social enterprise plans that use strategies built on the principles of 40 Chances: Finding Hope in a Hungry World.  These social enterprises must seek to address issues of hunger, conflict, or poverty and may be established... Read More

Call for Applications: Funding for Master's Degrees in Conflict, Transition, and Peace Studies (Deadline: 23 May)
21 April 2014 | Institute for Conflict, Transition, and Peace Research
The Institute for Conflict, Transition, and Peace Research (www.abdn.ac.uk/ictpr) is a new research and teaching institute consolidating the University of Aberdeen's rich expertise in the study of transitions between conflict and peace. Read More

Development-Related Postgraduate Courses
21 April 2014 | German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Postgraduate courses for professionals from developing countries at German institutions of Higher education Duration: 12-24 months, depending on the particular institution Internationally recognised Master's degree Includes German Universities and “Fachhochschulen” (Universities of Applied Science) Support of selected programmes with a variety of full or partial scholarships Funded by the BMZ... Read More


The Colombian Peace Process and Implications for Land Rights
30 April 2014 | Washington, DC
Moira Birss (Peace Brigades International Colombia Project) and Dana Brown (Witness for Peace)  Read More

Course: Economic Dimensions of Peacebuilding (Deadline: 11 June)
24 June 2014 | Jaffna, Sri Lanka
The course is designed for organisations and individuals involved in peacebuilding and development efforts in post-conflict contexts in order to help participants combine ‘economic’ dimensions in their programming to particularly look at post-conflict recovery and development The course looks at both theoretical and practical frameworks in exploring key issues around economic... Read More

Forced Migration and Peace Conference
15 July 2014 | Bogotá, Colombia
The proposed conference seeks to create a space in which academic rigor engages with the compromises inherent in policy, as well as the challenges of practical work in the field. As such, while presentations of academic research will continue to provide the intellectual backbone of the conference, these will go... Read More

Course: Natural Resources Management in Post-conflict Countries (Deadline: 17 September)
24 September 2014 | Web-based
Natural resources can play a central role in building sustainable peace in post-conflict societies. The root causes of many conflicts are directly related to or fuelled by valuable natural resources, and the transition to peace in fragile post-conflict societies often requires careful consideration of natural resource management. Using case studies, the... Read More

International Conference on Peace and International Relations
8 October 2014 | Nairobi, Kenya
The objective of the International Conference on Peace and International Relations is to stimulate strategic response to the challenges of national healing and reconciliation in African countries, such as Somalia, South Africa, South Sudan, Syria,, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, Burundi, Sierra Leone and Kenya., among others, while looking at the... Read More

Global Humanitarian Technology Conference
10 October 2014 | Silicon Valley, CA (USA)
The Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC) is the flagship IEEE conference for presenting, discussing, and developing technological solutions to global humanitarian challenges. GHTC attracts presenters and attendees who work to meet the needs of populations affected by poverty, disaster, conflict, environmental change, and other impacts resulting in their needs being... Read More

Library Resources

Syria's War Economy
Jihad Yazigi, 2014
Three years into a conflict that is estimated to have killed at least 140,000 people from both sides, much of the Syrian economy lies in ruins. The regime of President Bashar al-Assad has succeeded in resisting full collapse in areas it controls – in part because of economic support from... Read More

Water Security
Anders Jägerskog, Ashok Swain, and Joakim Öjendal, 2014
The four voumes of this collection seek to broadly outline the debate as it has developed, both from a policy as well as an academic perspective, with the aim to bring conceptual clarity as well as provide an account of how the water security discourse has emerged and developed. Read More

Geographies of Conflict: Mapping Overlaps between Extractive Industries and Agricultural Lands in Ghana and Peru
Oxfam, 2014
Ghana and Peru have experienced dramatic growth in their mining and hydrocarbons sectors in recent years, and both countries have also experienced conflict between local communities and extractive operations. These conflicts are often rooted in small-scale farmers' concerns about pollution of both land and water.  Addressing the causes of these... Read More

Defining and Measuring the External Stress Factors that Lead to Conflict in the Context of the Post-2015 Agenda
Saferworld, 2014
With this discussion paper, Saferworld and partners would like to catalyse a more informed and in-depth debate on how the post-2015 framework can help facilitate a global partnership for peaceful societies and sustainable development. The paper focuses on seven key transnational ‘external stress’ factors that contribute to conflict across the... Read More

Forest Defender
Center for International Environmental Law, 2014
ForestDefender is a legal database that provides a snapshot of international human rights and obligations relevant to forest governance. It captures the large amount of information found from various sources and presents it in a way that is easily accessible to and usable by lawyers, activists and community members alike. Read More

Terminating Security Council Sanctions
Kristen E. Boon, 2014
This report assesses the United Nations Security Council’s current approach to drawing down sanctions in intrastate war situations. After examining broader questions surrounding the UN’s authority to impose sanctions and the corresponding limits on these powers, the report assesses criteria used by the Council to terminate sanctions. Read More

Sahel Advocacy Briefing
Tearfund, 2014
One of the impacts of climate change and climate variability on already strained natural resources (such as land and water) is the exacerbation of competition over resources. This can contribute to forced migration of pastoralists and agriculturalists and intensify pre-existing tensions and create conflict between these groups. Read More


Researcher - Conflict Mapping (Deadline: 1 May)
21 April 2014 | International Peace Information Service
IPIS is recruiting a researcher on Conflict Mapping, starting in June 2014. This is a 90% FTE permanent contract. Based in the IPIS office in Antwerp, you carry out research projects on issues related to peace and development in Sub-Saharan Africa. You disseminate structured information and analysis through reports and presentations. Read More

Assistant Coordinator - Food and Seasonal Security (Deadline: 16 May)
21 April 2014 | Islamic Relief France
Under the responsibility of food safety project coordinator, assistant coordinator of food and seasonal security programs, based in Tambacounda, ensures the implementation of food security projects and seasonal projects developed in the region. Read More

C4D Specialist - P-4 (Deadline: 5 May)
21 April 2014 | UNICEF
Under the general guidance of the Chief Communication, responsible for the design, formulation, management, execution, monitoring and evaluation of a behavioural change and social mobilization strategy, plan of action and programme activities in support of the country programme. Read More

Director of Governance Research (Deadline: 30 April)
21 April 2014 | Center for International Forestry Research
The new Director will be responsible for the development, management, delivery and scientific quality of CIFOR’s engagements in governance research. This includes institutional arrangements, public and private finance, gender, legal frameworks, law enforcement, land and forest tenure reforms, collaborative forest and landscape management, and climate change — all of which... Read More

International News

China/Japan: Pacific Rim Deal Could Reduce Chance of Unintended Conflict in Contested Seas
23 April 2014 | Austin Ramzy and Chris Buckley, The New York Times
TAIPEI, Taiwan — A naval code of conduct approved by more than 20 nations around the Pacific, including China, Japan and the United States, could reduce the risk of accidental encounters’ spiraling into conflict, experts said. Read More

Myanmar: Independent Mon News Agency: Ethnic Karen Communities in Southern Burma Encounter the Impacts of Mining
22 April 2014 | U.S. Campaign for Burma
Karen people living in Ka Htaung Nee villages, in Mitar sub-township, Tavoy district, located in the Tenasserim Region are experiencing increased air and water pollution due to mining activities in the region. May Flower Mining Enterprises Limited and No. 3 Mining Enterprise have joined together to mine in the Ka... Read More

Myanmar: Farmers Face Fresh Eviction Demands from Tatmadaw
22 April 2014 | Min Min, Mizzima
A water convolvulus field on the corner of Wai Zayan Tar Road and Gandamar St, Mayangone Township, Yangon was the site of a press conference held on April 20 to represent 28 farmers and their 109 employees who had received an eviction notice with an April 22 deadline from the... Read More

Egypt/Sudan: Sudan Blames Egypt for Blocking International Loans for Ethiopia’s Hydro-Dam
21 April 2014 | Awramba Times
Egypt is threatening Sudan’s safety by blocking international loans for Ethiopia’s hydro-dam, said Sudan’s top official of Eastern Blue Nile State Hussein Ahmad. According to the Sudanese mp, cash-strapped Ethiopia will end up shortcutting the hydrodam construction to avoid rising costs which could lead to long-term structural issues for the... Read More

India: India’s Worsening Water Crisis
19 April 2014 | Ram Mashru, The Diplomat
In northern India, groundwater supplies are being depleted faster than natural processes can replenish them. According to The World Bank, India is the largest user of ground water in the world, after China. If something is not done soon, an estimated 114 million Indians will soon face desperate domestic, agricultural... Read More

Haiti: U.N. Struggles to Stem Haiti Cholera Epidemic
19 April 2014 | Randal C. Archibald and Somini Sengupta, The New York Times
CHAPOTEAU, Haiti — For three years, the United Nations has refused to address whether its peacekeepers brought a deadly strain of cholera to Haiti, insisting instead that it was more important to help the country stanch the disease once and for all. Read More

Africa: Beyond Greed or Grievance - Understanding Conflict in Resource-Rich States
17 April 2014 | Christoph Vogel and Joschka Havenith, AllAfrica
Diamonds and rubber in Sierra Leone, oil in Angola and Sudan, tantalum and gold in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, copper in Zambia - the list of the natural resource wealth the Africa possesses is a long one. Read More

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