Environmental Peacebuilding Update

Issue 9: 13 May 2014


Environmental Peacebuilding Community of Practice Celebrates 6 Months of Growth
13 May 2014 | ELI & UNEP
On May 6, 2014, the Environmental Peacebuilding Global Knowledge Platform and Community of Practice celebrated six months of dialogue and growth.  Since its launch, the community of practice has expanded to more than 1500 members, including researchers, practitioners, and decision makers from around the world. Read More

Call for Papers: 1st Austrian Conference on International Resource Politics (Deadline: 30 May)
10 May 2014 | OeFSE (Austrian Foundation for International Development Research)
The purpose of the conference is to analyze prevailing natural resource politics, policies and arrangements, as well as problems and conflicts associated with specific forms of resource extraction, production and consumption at various scales. The conference wants to bring together researchers from different disciplines and to combine theoretical inputs with concrete case... Read More

Call for Applications: OSU Graduate Certificate in Water Conflict Management (Online program)
9 May 2014 | Oregon State University
The 18-credit online graduate certificate provides in-depth training to enhance your career in water governance and help you implement strategies that impact our ecosystems, society and economics. Program graduates are able to address and facilitate hydrodiplomacy, conflict resolution, public participation, strategic planning, finance administration and public policy and law. Read More

Call for Applications: UNESCO-IHE MSc Program on Water Conflict Management (Deadline: 1 August)
9 May 2014 | UNESCO-IHE
The 18-month programme based in Delft, The Netherlands, is designed for water managers as well as for institutional, legal and international relations experts interested in local, national and international water management. You will study the management of water resources conflicts, focusing on negotiation, mediation and decision-making processes, in order to prevent, manage... Read More


Conference on Environmental Justice and Citizenship
13 July 2014 | Mansfield College, Oxford
The 13th Conference of Environmental Justice and Citizenship will explore technological, political or economic solutions to problems impeding environmental justice and perspectives, inviting people working in conflict and dispute resolution, critical geography, environmental studies, human and sustainable development, and other relevant disciplines. Read More

The IV Conference of the Institute for Social and Economic Studies (IESE)
27 August 2014 | Maputo, Mozambique
The IV Conference of the Institute for Social and Economic studies (IESE) will have the general theme of "State, Natural Resources and Conflict: Actors and Dynamics". Within the broad range of economic, political and social issues covered by this topic, papers will be theoretical, case studies, historical accounts, and so on, and... Read More

1st Austrian Conference on International Resource Politics
4 December 2014 | Vienna, Austria
Conference Title: “Towards International Resource Fairness - Theories, Conflicts and Policies.” The purpose of the conference is to analyze prevailing natural resource politics, policies and arrangements, as well as problems and conflicts associated with specific forms of resource extraction, production and consumption at various scales. Read More

New Library Resources

In the last two weeks, 20 new publications were added to our online library of resources on environmental peacebuilding. Here is a sampling of the new additions:

Scrutiny of South Sudan’s Oil Industry
Leben N. Moro, John A. Akec, and Mekalilie B. Bol, 2014
Based on fieldwork conducted from 2010 to 2012, this report analyses community- oil company relations, labour practices in the sector, and impact of the industry on local land use patterns in South Sudan. When the current conflict in South Sudan is brought to an end, the petroleum sector again forms... Read More

Drivers of War, Foundations of Peace: A Field Report from the Central African Republic [Video]
ENOUGH Project, 2014
Reporting from the heart of Bangui and the barracks of a key armed group, Enough Project Field Researcher Kasper Agger shares his insights from three weeks of field research on the drivers of violence and the prospects for a sustainable peace process in the Central African Republic. Read More

Behind the Headlines: Drivers of Violence in the Central African Republic
Kasper Agger (Enough), 2014
The situation in the Central African Republic, or CAR, remains chaotic and violent with public lynchings and daily attacks terrorizing civilians across the country. The United Nations estimates that more than 1 million people—roughly one-quarter of the total population—have been displaced or fled the country.1 Thousands of people have been... Read More

We No Longer Share the Land: Agricultural Change, Land, and Violence in Darfur
Abdal Monium K Osman. and Marc J. Cohen (Oxfam), 2014
Most analyses of violence in Darfur ignore the local dimension of the crisis, focusing instead on the region’s economic and political marginalization and climatic variability. However, agricultural change and other changes relating to the land-rights and land-use systems have led to competition and exclusion, and have played a major role... Read More


Program Officer - Economics
6 May 2014 | United States Institute of Peace
Working alongside the Senior Advisor for the Economics and Peacebuilding Center (EPBC), the Program Officer is responsible for providing general support to the EPBC program while pursuing and publishing his or her own research. This includes preparing programming proposals; assisting in ongoing research efforts; and helping to organize workshops and... Read More

Land and Livelihood Program Manager (Deadline: 2014-05-20)
12 May 2014 | The NGO Forum on Cambodia
The NGO Forum is seeking qualified Cambodian candidates to fill the position of Land and Livelihood Program Manager based in Phnom Penh with occasional travel to provinces. The NGO Forum on Cambodia is a membership organization consisting of local and international NGOs. Read More

Extractives Advisor (Deadline: 2014-05-21)
12 May 2014 | Cordaid
The objective of Cordaid’s Extractives programme is to ensure that the exploitation of extractives (oil, gas and minerals) contributes positively to local community development, to increase the number of companies operating as responsible corporate citizens and to increase good national and transnational governance of the benefits of extractives.  Read More

Programme Advisor - Food Security (Deadline: 2014-05-31)
12 May 2014 | Cordaid
The Food Security Programme Advisor will coordinate implementation, ensure the coherence between the different projects and will come up with proposals to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the food security program in Southern Sudan. This will include seeking linkages with other activities of Cordaid in South Sudan.  Read More

Postdoctoral Researcher, International Environmental Law (Deadline: 2014-08-01)
12 May 2014 | PluriCourts, Faculty of Law, University of Oslo
A position as postdoctoral researcher (duration 2 years) is available at PluriCourts, Centre for the Study of the Legitimate Roles of the Judiciary in the Global Order, a Centre of Excellence at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo. Read More

International News

South Sudan: Diplomat Says IGAD Force Will Not Protect South Sudan's Oil
8 May 2014 | Radio Tamazuj
Sudan’s deputy ambassador in South Sudan says the proposed East African IGAD force in South Sudan will protect only ceasefire monitors and has no other purpose, suggesting that the force would not be involved in defending oil fields as was earlier reported.   Read More

Myanmar: Deforestation Spreads as Timber Demand Soars
7 May 2014 | The Myanmar Times
Ashen earth strewn with the limbs of once-mighty trees is all that is left of the fearsome forest in central Myanmar that Wa Tote remembers from her youth."We would only dare enter in a big group. The forest was deep and had many wild animals. Read More

China/Vietnam: Vietnam Squares Off With China in Disputed Seas
7 May 2014 | Gerry Mullany and David Barboza, The New York Times
HONG KONG — Tensions in the South China Sea intensified Wednesday as Vietnamese vessels confronted Chinese ships that were working to place an oil rig off Vietnam’s coast, and Vietnamese officials claimed that their ships had been rammed by the Chinese vessels three days earlier. Read More

Liberia: Affected Citizens Disrupt EPO Expansion in Grand Bassa County
6 May 2014 | Alpha Daffae Senkpeni, AllAfrica
Buchanan — The Equatorial Palm Oil (EPO) has again faced stiff resistance from some affected communities when residents disrupted an EPO mapping process on last Saturday. Eyewitnesses told FrontPageAfrica that the aggrieved residents, performing traditional rituals, paraded the traditional Country Devil and demanded that the EPO mapping process stops. Read More

Africa: Resistance to Liberia Landgrabs a Warning to Africa Investment Conference
6 May 2014 | AllAfrica
Abuja (Nigeria) / Monrovia (Liberia) — On the opening day of a 6-8 May conference in Abuja aimed at attracting private sector agricultural investment in Africa [1], Friends of the Earth International and the Sustainable Development Institute / Friends of the Earth Liberia are warning governments and investors that any... Read More

Liberia: Oil Company: Spent US $138m In 2012/13; No Report In 2013/14
5 May 2014 | J. Yanqui Zaza, The Perspective
Liberia’s annual budgetary document, like any other budget, should fulfill at least the civil obligation in providing transparent, verifiable information to the public. This practice, used partly to gain public confidence, has been around for centuries. Read More

SEC Issues Statement on D.C. Court of Appeals Decision on Conflict Minerals Rule: First Reports Due by June 2, 2014, as Scheduled
5 May 2014 | Alston & Bird LLP
On April 29, 2014, the SEC’s Division of Corporation Finance (the “Division”) issued a statement providing guidance regarding the effect of the decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit in the case challenging the SEC’s “Conflict Mineral Rules” (Section 13(p)(1) of the Exchange Act and Rule... Read More

South Sudan: Geopolitics of Nile Water - Its Implications on S. Sudan Conflict
5 May 2014 | Deng Mading Gatwech, AllAfrica
In Africa, access to water is one of the most critical aspects of human survival. Today, about one third of the total population lack access to water, constituting 300 million people and about 313 million people lack proper sanitation (World Water Council 2006). Read More

Somalia: War, Late Rains Spark Somalia 'Crisis' Warning
2 May 2014 | Ahram Online
War and delayed rains in Somalia are putting thousands of lives at risk, especially in areas where African Union troops are battling Islamist extremists for control, the United Nations said Friday. Read More

Cote d'Ivoire: Diamantaires Eyeing Ivory Coast for Rough Imports
2 May 2014 | Melvyn Reggie Thomas, The Times of India
SURAT: Diamantaires are looking at Ivory Coast for rough diamond imports after the United Nations Security Council lifted a decade-long ban on diamond exports from the west African country on April 29. Around $25 million worth of gem quality rough diamonds are mined in Ivory Coast every year. Read More

Blogs & Opinion

What Water Wars? 'Think Water Cooperation', Expert Says
8 May 2014 | Anastasia Moloney
Back in 1995, Ismail Serageldin, then World Bank vice president, warned that: "Many of the wars this century were about oil but those of the next century will be over water." It's been a common refrain ever since with experts predicting that rapid urbanisation and population growth coupled with the impact... Read More

Jus Post Bellum Symposium: The Norm of Environmental Integrity in Post-Conflict Legal Regimes
7 May 2014 | Cymie R. Payne
The standard for illegality of harm to the environment is “too restricted, incomplete, inadequately integrated into military activities, and too rarely enforced.” Cymie R. Payne proposes “environmental integrity” as a better alternative. The environment is often seen as the background to the fighting and its human tragedies—we see little in the... Read More

Oil in South Sudan: Turning Crisis Into Opportunity
6 May 2014 | Jill Shankleman, New Security Beat
Outside of donor and humanitarian aid, South Sudan’s economy is almost entirely dependent on the oil sector – and that sector is in crisis. Read More

DVB Debate: When Does the Government Have the Right to Take Land?
6 May 2014 | DVB
Wealthy Burmese companies with political leverage, often financially backed by foreign investors, have been claiming farmlands around the country for development projects over the past two years, taking advantage of constitutional loopholes. But land rights issues have risen to the top of the political agenda in Burma as events and... Read More

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