Environmental Peacebuilding Update

Issue 10: 27 May 2014


Call for Applications: Online Course on Community Participation and Dispute Resolution
27 May 2014 | Duke University Continuing Studies and Village Earth
The course on Community Participation and Dispute Resolution will take place June 13 to July 18 and will explore the social and cultural significance of a number of processes and practices, including community mediation, facilitation, collaborative problem solving, conflict resolution, conflict transformation and even conflict transcendence. Read More

Call for Papers: Revista Descontamina - Biannual Publication on Peacebuilding and Nonviolent Action
24 May 2014 | Descontamina
Descontamina invite you to contribute to the next issue of their new puplication, Revista Descontamina. Papers should not be longer than two pages and should follow at least one of their lines of actions: Environment and Peace Economies, Nonviolence, Cultural Diversity and Peace Pedagogy. Read More

Call for Applications: Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding
24 May 2014 | University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Beginning in Fall 2014, UWM will offer an interdisciplinary professional graduate degree program leading to a Master of Sustainable Peacebuilding (MSP). The program prepares students for careers in peacebuilding - e.g. international development, conflict resolution, and resource stewardship. Read More

Call for Applications: Summer School in Poverty Eradication: Access to Land, Access to Food
23 May 2014 | Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
The Summer School in Poverty Eradication: Access to Land, Access to Food, taking place 1-4 September, 2014, is organized by theGraduate School of Economics and International Relations - ASERI of Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in collaboration with ExpoLAB. The Summer School offers a multidisciplinary perspective, covering: Read More

Call for Papers: Business, Peace and Sustainable Development Journal
21 May 2014 | Greenleaf Publishing
Business, Peace and Sustainable Development (BPSD) is a peer-reviewed, online journal that explores the role of the business sector in enhancing peace, reducing violence and contributing to sustainable development, the importance of peace to the economy and markets, and the theories and practice of Corporate Peace. Read More


Natural Resource Management in Post-Conflict Situations: Challenges and Opportunities
2 June 2014 | Belgian Mission, New York
Natural resource exploitation can offer opportunities and present challenges for resource-endowed countries, in particular in post-conflict situations. If effectively managed, natural resource exploitation offers countries opportunities to revitalize their economy and foster resilience by leveraging resource endowments to mobilize revenues, deliver basic services, build infrastructure, create employment and support the... Read More

3rd Climate Change and Population Conference on Africa (CCPOP)
22 July 2014 | University of Ghana, Legon - Accra, Ghana
This development knowledge conference is intended to break the huge barriers that have existed amongst potential stakeholders over the years. It represents a call for state and non-state actors from industry including manufacturing and ICT, private businesses, and civil society to join researchers to pursue a new partnership agenda on... Read More

14th Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative Workshop
29 September 2014 | Burlingame, California
Join the leading industry initiative on conflict minerals for our autumn CFSI Workshop September 29-30, 2014 in Burlingame, California. With the leading experts from industry, civil society and government, we'll focus on conflict minerals due diligence best practices, global regulatory frameworks and CFSI tools and resources for companies. Read More

AIDF Disaster Relief Summit
19 November 2014 | Washington, DC
The Aid & International Development Forum’s 6th annual Disaster Relief Summit is the world leading gathering for international humanitarian experts at relief agencies, NGOs and charity associations, UN and government agencies, development banks and donors and innovative technology and service providers. The summit strives to enable quicker and better response during crisis... Read More

New Library Resources

In the last two weeks, 20 new publications were added to our online library of resources on environmental peacebuilding. Here is a sampling of the new additions:

Rural Road (Re)construction: Transport and Rural Livelihoods in the Conflict-Affected and Fragile State Environment of South Kivu
Adriaan Ferf, Dorothea Hilhorst and Murhega Mashanda, 2014
Substantial international investment has gone into the rehabilitation of the road infrastructure in DRC, but little is known about the impact of road rehabilitation on the organisation of urban-rural transport or on rural people’s lives. This report is based on a survey among 1250 households in South Kivu, a review... Read More

Fueling a New Order?: The New Geopolitical and Security Consequences of Energy
Bruce Jones, David Steven, and Emily O’Brien, 2014
Energy issues—their geopolitics, governance and security implications—are pushing their way to the heart of U.S. foreign policy. Read More

The Military-Environmental Complex
Sarah E. Light, 2014
Two competing theories vie for dominance regarding the relationship between the U.S. military and the natural environment. On the one hand, because legal rules permit the military to disregard environmental laws when they conflict with the military’s national security mission, one might be left with the impression that the military... Read More

Confronting Land and Property Problems for Peace
Shinichi Takeuchi, 2014
This collection clarifies the background of land and property problems in conflict-affected settings, and explores appropriate policy measures for peace-building. While land and property problems exist in any society, they can be particularly exacerbated in conflict-affected settings – characterized by unstable security, weak governance, loss of proper documentation as well... Read More

Oil and Gas Sector-Wide Impact Assessment (SWIA)
Myanmar Centre for Responsible Business, 2014
The idea behind the Oil & Gas (O&G) SWIA is to provide an overall picture of potential positive and negative impacts of the O&G sector on society in Myanmar for a wide range of audiences: government, parliamentarians, business, civil society, communities, trade unions and media. Read More

Conflict Analysis of Liberia
Siân Herbert, 2014
It is over ten years since Liberia’s final peace agreement was signed in 2003, putting an end to 14 years of violent civil wars. This research finds that current levels of overt conflict in Liberia are relatively low, and there has been no large-scale violence since the end of the... Read More

When Does Service Delivery Improve the Legitimacy of a Fragile or Conflict-Affected State?
Claire Mcloughlin, 2014
Received wisdom holds that the provision of vital public services necessarily improves the legitimacy of a fragile or conflict-affected state. In practice, however, the relationship between a state's performance in delivering services and its degree of legitimacy is nonlinear. Read More

National Security and the Accelerating Risks of Climate Change
CNA Military Advisory Board, 2014
This report re-examines the impact of climate change on U.S. national security in the context of a more informed, but more complex and integrated world. In the seven years since the first Military Advisory Board (MAB) report, developments in scientific climate projections, observed climate changes (particularly in the Arctic), the toll of... Read More

Climate Change, Migration, and Nontraditional Security Threats in China
Michael Werz and Lauren Reed, Center for American Progress, 2014
This new report examines the implications of the climate change, migration, and national security nexus in five Chinese hotspots and discusses their impact on domestic and regional policy. Read More

Saving South Sudan: How South Sudan Got Lost
Robert Young Pelton, 2014
Sudan was once home to a great civilization that was the most advanced in all of Africa—but centuries of colonialism and conflict, and a post-independence period ravaged by coups, dictatorships, and incompetent rule, mired Sudan in a series of never-ending wars. Read More


Senior Peacebuilding Advisor
24 May 2014 | Mercy Corps
Mercy Corps works in countries in transition, where communities are recovering from disaster, conflict, or economic collapse. Our experience demonstrates that even during times of turmoil and tragedy, there are many possibilities for positive change. A commitment to peaceful change is at the heart of Mercy Corps’ approach to relief... Read More

Programme Manager - Conflict Prevention and Risk Analysis (Deadline: 2014-05-31)
23 May 2014 | Institute for Security Studies (ISS) Africa
The Conflict Prevention and Risk Analysis (CPRA) division of the ISS is offering an opportunity for a Programme Manager with experience in African conflict analysis, a sound understanding of African economic, security and governance challenges, including risk analysis experience; an effective network in Africa; and a strong record of publications,... Read More

Dry Land/Rain Fed Agriculture Consultancy: Rain Water Harvesting (Deadline: 2014-06-15)
21 May 2014 | People in Need (PIN)
People in Need (PIN) Afghanistan is seeking an Evaluation/Research Consultant with expertise in Dry Land/Rain-fed Agriculture, and specifically improved rain-water capture, storage and utilisation interventions utilising a holistic approach encompassing infrastructure and soft components. Read More

Head of Economy & Peacebuilding - Peacebuilding Issues Programme (Deadline: 2014-06-18)
21 May 2014 | International Alert
International Alert is recruiting a hands-on leader to join their Peacebuilding Issues Programme (PIP), which consists of a team of experts focusing on training, advocacy and research, and on specific issues such as environment and climate change, governance, the economic aspects of peace and gender, providing ideas and practical support... Read More

Senior Programme Officer - Corporate Engagement (Deadline: 2014-06-19)
23 May 2014 | International Alert
We are looking for an exceptional candidate to join our London-based Economy and Peacebuilding team. You will be responsible for supporting Alert’s implementation of Conflict-Sensitive Business Practice with companies. Your role will be to support companies in understanding the challenges associated with operating in high-risk areas and advise them on... Read More

International News

Sudan/South Sudan: South Sudan Says Khartoum to Help Repair Damaged Oilfields
24 May 2014 | Reuters
May 24 (Reuters) - Sudan has offered to supply materials, engineers and electricity to South Sudan to speed up the repair of oilfields damaged during a five month rebellion that has cut output by a third, South Sudan's oil minister said on Saturday. Read More

South Sudan: South Sudan Oil Production down about 50%: US Envoy
22 May 2014 | Agence France Presse
Five months of fighting in South Sudan has cut the country's economically vital oil production by nearly 50 percent, the United States special envoy to the country said Thursday. Read More

Myanmar: ‘Land Grab’ Tensions Could Trigger Uprising, Warns Ruling Party MP
22 May 2014 | Min Min, Mizzima
Tensions over unresolved land ownership disputes could spark a nationwide uprising if the issue was not dealt with soon, a senior member of the ruling Union Solidarity and Development Party has warned. Read More

Conflict Minerals: Intel Files Conflict Minerals Report
22 May 2014 | Steve Quinlivan, Stinson Leonard Street
The holy grail (at least so far) of conflict minerals precedents was filed with the SEC albeit perhaps too late for many issuers to wholesale change course.  But still excellent for a final form check.  Intel’s Form SD can be found here and its conflict minerals report can be found here. Read More

Myanmar: Factbox: Myanmar's Oil Sector Attracts Investment
21 May 2014 | Reuters
(Reuters) - The opening up of Myanmar's economy after decades of isolation has led to a jump in oil demand, attracting local and foreign investors to build oil storage tanks and a terminal to meet rising consumption. Read More

Sudan/South Sudan: No Success Here: Sudanese Seccession Leaves Behind Shattered Economy
21 May 2014 | Al Bawaba
The civil war raging in South Sudan has cost the lives of thousands and internally displaced close to a million people. The humanitarian costs have been vast and the impact of the war has spread throughout the region, especially to the north in Sudan. Read More

Libya: Libyan Unrest Will Force Oil Prices Higher
21 May 2014 | Alessandro Bruno, InvestorIntel
Industrialized countries may be faced with the prospect of a shrinking oil supply and higher prices in the second half of the year unless a solution is found to increase production due to higher than expected demand. Read More

Africa: UN Eyes Africa Oil Levy to Fight Disease
20 May 2014 | Global Post
The United Nations has begun talks with African leaders over a levy on oil that could rake in huge sums to fight disease in developing countries, a top official said Tuesday. Read More

Myanmar: Myanmar's Pending Ceasefire Jeopardized by Skirmishes over Illegal Logging
20 May 2014 | Hereward Holland, National Geographic
Myanmar's forests are the final frontier for the logging of tropical hardwoods in mainland Southeast Asia. Read More

Sudan: Sudan Welcomes Russian Gas Specialists
20 May 2014 | Vestnik Kavkaza
A week ago, rebels in South Sudan, a republic that had broken away from Sudan, demanded oil extraction to be stopped, threatening to take over fields. The sovereign status of South Sudan was adopted on July 2011 after the signing of a declaration of independence. Read More

Myanmar: Minister Touts Massive Land Redistribution Program
19 May 2014 | Bill O’Toole and Noe Noe Aung, Myanmar Times
During a visit to Mandalay on May 11, Minister for the President’s Office U Soe Thein made an ambitious claim. Speaking at the Youth and Peace Forum, the minister said regional governments would soon roll out a program to provide land to Myanmar’s landless farmers. Read More

South Sudan: Oil Fans Flames of South Sudan War
18 May 2014 | Newvision
Despite heavy international pressure, a second ceasefire this month for the world's youngest nation has crumbled, in a war that has already claimed thousands -- possibly tens of thousands -- of lives. With the war entering its sixth month, oil fields that once generated hundreds of millions of dollars providing... Read More

Balkans: Catastrophic Floods Hit Balkans, Raising Fears for Land Mines and Power Plants
18 May 2014 | Rick Lyman, The New York Times
WARSAW — At least 33 people have died and tens of thousands have been evacuated in Serbia and Bosnia during three days of torrential rains that fed the most intense flooding the region has seen since records began to be kept more than a century ago. Read More

Myanmar: Drugs, Land and Mining Issues Plague Shan State
17 May 2014 | Paing Soe, Democratic Voice of Burma
A four-day regional development workshop responding to the challenges posed by drugs and environmental degradation— identified by contributors as the main issues plaguing the region – has concluded in Tachileik, eastern Shan State. Read More

Crimea: In Taking Crimea, Putin Gains a Sea of Fuel Reserves
17 May 2014 | William J. Broad, The New York Times
When Russia seized Crimea in March, it acquired not just the Crimean landmass but also a maritime zone more than three times its size with the rights to underwater resources potentially worth trillions of dollars. Read More

Liberia: Liberians Successfully Resist UK Company’s ‘Land Grab’
16 May 2014 | Global Information Network
(GIN)—After years of fruitless court battles by small farmers against major multinational corporations,  the Jogbahn Clan across 11 villages in Liberia is celebrating victory over a British company which tried to clear them off their lands. Read More

South Sudan: East - West Tussle for Oil 'Sparked South Sudan War'
16 May 2014 | Ramadhan Rajab, AllAfrica
STRUGGLE between the Western and Eastern countries over control of oil fields in Southern Sudan is behind the ongoing conflicts in the country, South Sudan's minister for information and broadcasting Michael Makuei has said. Read More

China/Vietnam: Unrest Poses a Risky Choice for Vietnam
16 May 2014 | Chris Buckley and Edward Wong, The New York Times
HA TINH PROVINCE, Vietnam — The hundreds of men on motorbikes who roared into Lee Hsueh Ying’s factory compound north of Ho Chi Minh City were bent on revenge against China. Some clung to red-and-gold Vietnamese flags while they careened around overwhelmed security guards. Read More

Meet in the peace park? How to use natural resources for peacebuilding
15 May 2014 | The Guardian
Understanding the role the environment can play in solving conflict should be a priority in all peacebuilding contextsEnvironmental degradation increasingly gives rise to conflicts or catalyses existing struggles, as numerous studies show. But in attempting to solve these problems, peacebuilders have begun to appreciate that environmental factors can also form... Read More

Myanmar: Despite Ceasefire, Army Seizes Land and Tortures Citizens in Southeast Myanmar - Report
14 May 2014 | Thin Lei Win, Thomson Reuters Foundation
BANGKOK (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – The Myanmar army continues to commit rights abuses - seizing land and detaining and torturing citizens - in the country’s southeast, more than two years after the government and the region’s ethnic rebels signed a historic ceasefire agreement that brought an end to the world’s... Read More

A Tragedy of Silence in Badakhshan
13 May 2014 | NYT Afghanistan
In Badakhshan, the story of the land and the people who had made a home here has been silenced. Read More

Blogs & Opinion

Timor-Leste: Lessons of a Failing State?
22 May 2014 | Loro Horta
The leader and founding father of Asia’s youngest nation, Xanana Gusmao, announced in November that he was resigning as prime minister and leaving politics. The announcement comes amidst growing state failure and rampant mismanagement. Since Timor-Leste’s independence from Indonesia in 2002, Gusmao has dominated the small nation’s politics. Read More

Toward a Secure and Sustainable Water Future for Kurdistan and Iraq
18 May 2014 | Tessa Manuello
As tensions between Erbil and Baghdad resumed earlier this year, some voices in the Kurdistan Region called for waging a “water war” against the central government by blocking Kurdish rivers that water Iraqi farms. Read More

COOL, Conflict Minerals, GMOs & Beyond: Much Hangs in the Balance of DC Circuit En Banc Rehearing in Commercial Speech Case
16 May 2014 | Chip English
Americans are naturally curious and interested about the food we eat and the products we buy—e.g., non-GMO labeling, country of origin labeling (“COOL”) and “conflicts minerals.” The question explored here is whether and how far the government may constitutionally compel commercial interests to disclose information about their products when such... Read More

Responsible Sourcing of Minerals from Conflict Zones: Is the EU Doing Enough?
15 May 2014 | Anna Bulzomi
On March 5, 2014, the European Commission released its long-awaited responsible tradingstrategy for minerals from conflict zones. The strategy is composed of a draft Regulation setting up an E.U. system of self-certification for importers of tin, tantalum, tungsten, and gold (3TG) and a Joint Communication presenting the overall comprehensive foreign policy approach on how to... Read More

Nepal’s Micro-Hydropower Projects Have Surprising Effect on Peace Process
14 May 2014 | Florian Krampe
Development, and human development in particular, is frequently considered a ground condition for peace by the development community. It follows that, because they provide rural communities with clean energy and contribute to human development, micro-hydropower systems should help alleviate tensions in a place like Nepal, where rural poverty is widespread. Surprisingly,... Read More

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