Environmental Peacebuilding Update

Issue 22: 11 Nov 2014


Environmental Peacebuilding Adopts New Logo
11 November 2014 | ELI, UNEP, McGill University & University of Tokyo
The Environmental Law Institute, United Nations Environment Programme, McGill University, and the University of Tokyo are pleased to announce the adoption of a new logo for the Environmental Peacebuilding Knowledge Platform and Community of Practice. Read More

Environmental Peacebuilding Platform Marks Its First Anniversary
6 November 2014 | ELI, UNEP, McGill University & University of Tokyo
WASHINGTON, DC and GENEVA, 6 November 2014 ‒ The Environmental Peacebuilding Global Knowledge Platform, the leading knowledge source on natural resources, conflict, and peace, celebrated its one-year anniversary on November 6th, the International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict. Read More


AIDF Disaster Relief Summit
19 November 2014 | Washington, DC
The Aid & International Development Forum’s 6th annual Disaster Relief Summit is the world leading gathering for international humanitarian experts at relief agencies, NGOs and charity associations, UN and government agencies, development banks and donors and innovative technology and service providers. The summit strives to enable quicker and better response during crisis... Read More

Earth Institute's Fall 2015 Haiti Dialogue Series: Discussing Climate, Security and Development Linkages in the Context of Haiti
21 November 2014 | New York City
The Earth Institute's Haiti Research and Policy Program, in partnership with EI's Environment and Security Program and EU Institute for Security Studies will convene a small group of faculty, researchers and policy makers to discuss linkages between climate change, natural hazards, development and fragility in Haiti. Read More

Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting 2014
22 November 2014 | Washington, DC
The Middle East Studies Association 48th Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, DC at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. Sessions of relevance and interest at the 2014 Annual Meeting include the following: Read More

1st Austrian Conference on International Resource Politics
4 December 2014 | Vienna, Austria
Conference Title: “Towards International Resource Fairness - Theories, Conflicts and Policies.” The purpose of the conference is to analyze prevailing natural resource politics, policies and arrangements, as well as problems and conflicts associated with specific forms of resource extraction, production and consumption at various scales. Read More

New Library Resources

In the last two weeks, 157 new publications were added to our online library of materials on environmental peacebuilding. Here is a sampling of the new additions:

Extreme Temperatures and Violence
Clionadh Raleigh, Andrew Linke, and John O’Loughlin (Nature, 2014)
“In his book Civilization and Climate, Ellsworth Huntington (1876–1947) noted that “Almost any American or European who has travelled or resided within the tropics will confess that he has occasionally flown into a passion, and perhaps used physical violence, under circumstances which at home would merely have made him vexed.” This begs... Read More

Identifying Hot Spots of Security Vulnerability Associated with Climate Change in Africa
Joshua Busby, Kerry Cook, Edward Vizy, Todd Smith, and Mesfin Bekalo (Springer, 2014)
“Given its high dependence on rainfed agriculture and its comparatively low adaptive capacity, Africa is frequently invoked as especially vulnerable to climate change. Within Africa, there is likely to be considerable variation in vulnerability to climate change both between and within countries. Read More

The New Kings of Crude: China, Oil, and Civil War in Sudan and South Sudan [Video]
Luke Patey (Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, 2014)
Luke Patey, senior researcher at the Dan­ish Insti­tute for Inter­na­tional Stud­ies, discusses his book The New Kings of Crude: China, India, and the Global Struggle for Oil in Sudan and South Sudan and this topic. Read More

Report: 93 Percent of Mining, Oil & Gas, Logging, Agriculture Developments Involve Inhabited Land
Science Codex (Science Codex, 2014)
In an analysis of almost 73,000 concessions in eight tropical forested countries, more than 93 percent of these developments were found to involve land inhabited by Indigenous Peoples and local communities. According to the research, conducted by The Munden Project, the total amount of land handed over by governments to... Read More

Tackling Conflict Minerals: How a New Chinese Initiative Can Address Chinese Companies' Risks
Global Witness (Global Witness, 2014)
A Chinese government-affiliated body,
the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for Minerals, Metals and Chemicals Importers and Exporters (CCCMC), published this month ground-breaking Guidelines for its mining and mineral trading companies operating overseas. The progressive and ambitious standards cover wide-ranging aspects of responsible corporate behaviour including preventing conflict and corruption, labour rights,... Read More

Land Administration Challenges in Postconflict States in Sub-Saharan Africa: Lessons from Rwanda and Liberia
John Bruce (World Bank, 2014)
The six case studies in this book were prepared as background studies for a synthesis report on land administration and reform in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Collectively they cover two main areas of land governance: reforms in redistributing agricultural land; and reforms in land administration. Read More

Communities as Counterparties : Preliminary Review of Concessions and Conflict in Emerging and Frontier Market Concessions
Andrea Alforte, Joseph Angan, Jack Dentith, Karl Domondon, Lou Munden, Sophia Murday, and Leonardo Pradela (The Munden Project, 2014)
From a business perspective, the risk posed by conflicts between concession operators and local populations in emerging or frontier markets concerns more than just companies with ground-level operations. It also interests investors. Grounded in an ongoing examination of case studies, this analysis describes the overarching patterns of conflict between companies... Read More

Climate and Conflict
Marshall Burke, Solomon M. Hsiang, & Edward Miguel (National Bureau of Economic Research, 2014)
Until recently, neither climate nor conflict have been core areas of inquiry within economics, but there has been an explosion of research on both topics in the past decade, with a particularly large body of research emerging at their intersection. Read More

Reconciling Climate-Conflict Meta-Analyses: Reply to Buhaug et al.
Solomon M. Hsiang, Marshall Burke, & Edward Miguel (Climatic Change, 2014)
A comment by Buhaug et al. attributes disagreement between our recent analyses and their review articles to biased decisions in our meta-analysis and a difference of opinion regarding statistical approaches. The claim is false. Buhaug et al.’s alteration of our metaanalysis misrepresents findings in the literature, makes statistical errors, misclassifies multiple studies, makes coding... Read More


In the last two weeks, 8 new jobs were added to our online listing of job postings. Please visit our jobs page to view these positions and other job opportunities.

Central African Republic: Policy Analyst
5 November 2014 | Peace and Collaborative Development Network
Reporting to the Director of Research and Editorial and working in collaboration with staff and contractors on the Central African Republic, or CAR, the Policy Analyst on the Central African Republic will be responsible for researching and writing about the drivers of conflict in CAR and the surrounding region, including... Read More

London: Head of Economy & Peacebuilding, Peacebuilding Issues Programme (Deadline: 2014-11-23)
5 November 2014 | International Alert, peace and Collaborative Development Network
Head of Economy & Peacebuilding, Peacebuilding Issues Programme Read More

UK: Senior Research Fellow in Gender, Food and Resilient Communities Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (Deadline: 2014-11-23)
5 November 2014 | Coventry University
Coventry University is investing in research excellence. Our journey continues with additional investment of £100 million in research, with a total spend of £150 million on our estate and facilities. Our team of leading academics has developed a significant portfolio of high-impact research, and we are gaining momentum as a... Read More

UK: Senior Research Fellow on Water and Resilient Communities Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (Deadline: 2014-11-23)
5 November 2014 | Coventry University
Coventry University is investing in research excellence. Our journey continues with additional investment of £100 million in research, with a total spend of £150 million on our estate and facilities. Our team of leading academics has developed a significant portfolio of high-impact research, and we are gaining momentum as a... Read More

International News

Iraq/Kurdistan: Baghdad Asks for Kurdish Oil Revenue from Turkey
9 November 2014 | Hemin Salih, BasNews
The federal government of Iraq has asked Turkey for Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) oil revenues, currently deposited in the Turkish Halk Bank. Read More

Myanmar: NGOs Say Ethnic Areas Have No ‘Virgin Lands’
6 November 2014 | DVB News
The Ethnic Community Development Forum (ECDF) released a statement on Thursday which slammed Burma’s draft National Land Use Policy for failing to protect small-scale farmers and ethnic minorities—in part because the policy’s approach to “virgin lands” overlooks traditional shifting agricultural practices of certain ethnic groups in Burma. Read More

Egypt: Analysis - Why Ethiopia and Egypt Aren't Fighting a Water War
6 November 2014 | allAfrica
There were times last year, when the rhetoric in Cairo reached fever pitch, that some kind of conflict between Ethiopia and Egypt over the waters of the Nile seemed inevitable. It hasn't come to that, and nor will it, if history is anything to go by. Read More

Syria: Syrian Army Regains Control of Oil Wells Captured by Islamic State
6 November 2014 | Middle East Monitor
The Syrian army regained control on Wednesday over two important oil wells that had been seized recently by the Islamic State (ISIS), according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Read More

Conflict Minerals: Debate in the European Parliament on the European Commission’s Conflict Minerals Proposal
6 November 2014 | National Law Review
On November 6, the Committee on International Trade (INTA) of the European Parliament will have a first exchange of views on the proposal presented in March by the European Commission (EC) on “Minerals originating in conflict affected and high risk areas.” This is the European Union version of the so-called... Read More

Central African Republic: Gold, Diamonds Fuelling Conflict in Central African Republic U.N. Panel Says
5 November 2014 | Reuters
Gold and diamond sales are being used to finance conflict in Central African Republic and United Nations peacekeepers should monitor mining sites to clamp down on illicit trade, a U.N. panel of experts said. Read More

Timor-Leste: East Timor Kicks out Judges over ConocoPhillips Tax Fight
5 November 2014 | Reuters
East Timor has ordered five foreign judges out of the country after a court ruled in favour of U.S. oil and gas producer ConocoPhillips in cases tied to $236 million in disputed tax assessments. Read More

Uganda: Catalyst or Curse? East Africa’s Oil and Gas Boom
4 November 2014 | World Politics Review
As he delivers his lecture from the breezy, pink-hued classroom, Robert Rutaro is optimistic about Uganda’s future in oil.An attorney with a master’s degree in oil and gas law from Scotland, Rutaro returned home this January to find a job in Uganda’s Ministry of Energy and now doubles as a... Read More

Sierra Leone: Ebola's Catastrophic Consequences on Sierra Leone’s Small-Scale Mining Sector
4 November 2014 | The Guardian
Ebola is having catastrophic economic consequences for Sierra Leone, where the disease is running rampant. Read More

Liberia: Equatorial Revises Down Oil Palm Planting Target Due To Ebola Virus
4 November 2014 | Alliance News
Equatorial Palm Oil PLC Tuesday said there have been no instances of the Ebola virus at its operations in Liberia and the company continues to operate as normal, but it has nearly halved its planting target for oil palms for the full year due to restrictions on movements in the country. Read More

Blogs & Opinion

War and the Environment
5 November 2014 | Cynthia S. Levesque
"Impacts to the environment from war threaten human health, livelihoods and security and can undermine post-conflict peacebuilding. November 6th has been declared by the United Nations General Assembly as the International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict and happens to be the release date of my book, Backcut so I decided... Read More

International Analysis: A Hostile Climate
31 October 2014 | Peruvian Times
On October 13, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel delivered a major address on climate security at the Conference of the Defense Ministers of the Americas in Lima, Peru. During his speech, he announced the release of the U.S. Department of Defense’s (DoD) most comprehensive Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap to date. Read More

Conflict Minerals: A Broader Push for Reform is Essential
30 October 2014 | Enough Project
For nearly two decades, the war and widespread illicit exploitation of natural resources in eastern Congo has subjected Congolese citizens to a humanitarian crisis that desperately needs to be addressed. Broad reform of the minerals sector is part of a comprehensive strategy to end violence in eastern Congo, and Dodd-Frank 1502 is one catalytic... Read More

Mineral Certification: The Genesis and Steps Uganda Ought to Remember
29 October 2014 | New Vision
On December 15, 2010, Uganda endorsed the ICGLR Lusaka Declaration adopting six tools to fight Illegal exploitation of natural resources in the Great Lakes Region. Read More

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