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Issue 23: 25 Nov 2014


Seeking Environmental Peacebuilding Update Editor
25 November 2014 | ELI & UNEP
The Environmental Law Institute (ELI), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the University of Tokyo, and McGill University seek an Editor for the Environmental Peacebuilding Update, a biweekly email newsletter that is circulated to over 2000 subscribers in the field of environmental peacebuilding. Read More

Call for Papers: Notre Dame Student Peace Conference 2015
20 November 2014 | Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies at Notre Dame
The conference committee seeks submissions from undergraduate and graduate students for paper or poster presentations, workshops, roundtable discussions, panels, media displays or artwork, and other innovative presentations of their research that explore this theme. Read More


Conflict Management and Negotiation Skills for Cultural and Natural Resource Managers
9 December 2014 | Baton Rouge, LA
Seminar overview: Laws and regulations related to cultural and natural resources often require participatory processes that can be mired in conflict and misunderstanding. Projects frequently can be more effectively navigated when stakeholders use collaborative processes and mutual gains negotiation during consultation to resolve problems and develop win-win solutions. Read More

Courses: Natural Resource Management: Conflict & Cooperation
5 January 2015 | Barcelona, Spain
This course analyzes the transformation occurring at the intersection between the theory and practice of international relations on the one hand and issues related to the management and exploitation of environmental and natural resources on the other. Read More

Third Arab Water Week 2015: "Innovations & Sustainable Solutions for the Water Sector in the Arab Region"
11 January 2015 | Dead Sea, Jordan
Water is increasingly becoming a binding constraint on Arab development. According to the Arab Development Challenges Report 2011 by UNDP; available renewable fresh water resources per capita in the Arab world are among the lowest worldwide. Read More

New Library Resources

In the last two weeks, 46 new publications were added to our online library of materials on environmental peacebuilding. Here is a sampling of the new additions:

Pushed by ISIS, Iraq and Kurds Come Closer to a Deal
Keith Johnson (Foreign Policy, 2014)
The Islamic State and the threat it poses to Iraq's survival have unleashed a torrent of nightmares and horror, but there may be one apparent bright spot: The terrorist group's steady advances appear to be pushing Baghdad and Iraq's restive Kurdish minority closer to a resolution of the oil disputes... Read More

Environmental Change, National Security and the Conflict Cycle (Environmental Security Vol. 2)
Richard Matthew (ed.) (Sage Publications, 2014)
The literature compiled in this four-volume collection explores the real and potential linkages between environmental change and security. Early formulations of environmental security date to antiquity, whilst contemporary formulations of environment-conflict-peace linkages grew in part from the environmental movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Read More

Environmental Security: Historical Context with Early Writings on Environment and Security (Vol. 1)
Richard Matthew (ed.) (Sage Publications, 2014)
The literature compiled in this four-volume collection explores the real and potential linkages between environmental change and security. Early formulations of environmental security date to antiquity, whilst contemporary formulations of environment-conflict-peace linkages grew in part from the environmental movement of the 1960s and 1970s. Read More

Working with Conflict-Affected Communities in Nino Konis Santana National Park, Timor-Leste
Conservation International, 2014
Located at the heart of the world’s center for marine biodiversity, Coral Triangle Region, Timor-Leste is a small island nation endowed with a variety of tropical ecosystems and high levels of biodiversity. Yet, after nearly three decades of conflict the country finally achieved independence in 2002. Read More

Peace and Conservation in the Cordillera Del Condor Border Region between Ecuador and Peru
Conservation International, 2014
The mountainous Cordillera del Condor border regionbetween Ecuador and Peru has witnessed territorial conflict and armed disputes since the 19th century. Peace talks between both governments began in 1995, with several environmental and scientific organizations, including the Ecuadorian non-governmental organization (NGO) Fundacion Natura and Conservation International (CI), promoting the inclusion... Read More

The IISD Guide to Negotiating Investment Contracts for Farmland and Water
Carin Smaller (International Institute for International Development, 2014)
“The IISD Guide to Negotiating Investment Contracts for Farmland and Water is a legal and policy tool for governments and communities that are involved in negotiating investment contracts with foreign investors. The guide focuses on a particular type of contract involving long-term leases of farmland. Read More

Oil and Civil Conflict: Can Public Spending Have a Mitigation Effect?
Raju Jan Singh, Cristina Bodea, and Masaaki Higashijima (World Bank Group, 2014)
This paper explores the conditions under which public spending could minimize violent conflict related to oil wealth. Previous work suggests that oil can lead to vio­lent conflict because it increases the value of the state as a prize or because it undermines the state’s bureaucratic penetration. Read More


In the last two weeks, 12 new jobs were added to our online listing of job postings. Please visit our jobs page to view these positions and other job opportunities.

Norway: Director United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Oslo Governance Centre (Deadline: 2014-11-27)
20 November 2014 | UNDP, DevNet
The Bureau for Policy and Programme Support (BPPS) has the responsibility for developing all relevant policy and guidance to support the results of UNDP’s Strategic Plan.  BPPS’s staff provides technical advice to Country Offices, advocates for UNDP corporate messages, represents UNDP at multi-stakeholder fora including public-private dialogues, government and civil society... Read More

Ghana: Research Associate at African Center for Economic Transformation (ACET) (Deadline: 2014-11-28)
20 November 2014 | ACET, DevNet
Role Purpose: Read More

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Wildlife Law Enforcement and Protected Area Management Coordinator (Deadline: 2014-11-30)
20 November 2014 | Wildlife Conservation Center, DevNet
The Wildlife Conservation Society is seeking a highly skilled individual with expertise in wildlife law enforcement and protected area management to fill this position, for the protection and conservation of the Okapi Faunal Reserve protected area. Read More

Egypt: Economist (Water Scarcity Initiative) at Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) (Deadline: 2014-11-30)
20 November 2014 | FAO, DevNet
Under the overall guidance of the Assistant Director General/Regional Representative (RNE) and the Water Scarcity Initiative Delivery Manager and the direct supervision and guidance of the Project Manager/Chief Technical Adviser and in close collaboration with the Water Scarcity Initiative Delivery Team, the Economist will contribute to the implementation of the... Read More

Sri Lanka: Biogas Programme Manager at People in Need (Deadline: 2014-11-30)
20 November 2014 | People in Need, DevNet
Biogas Programme Manager will manage EU-funded project “Promoting Renewable Energy as a Driver for Sustainable Development and Mitigation of Climate Change in Sri Lanka” aimed at creating of enabling environment for large-scale market-based dissemination of biogas technology for domestic and SME purposes. Read More

London: Projects Manager on Environment, Climate Change and Security (Deadline: 2014-12-01)
24 November 2014 | International Alert, Peace and Collaborative Development Network
We are looking for a Projects Manager to cover maternity leave in our Environment, Climate Change and Security (ECCS) strand in Alert’s Peacebuilding Issues Programme (PIP).  You will work alongside the ECCS Senior Programme Officer, Programme Associate and Intern, supporting with the implementation of existing climate change and security project activities. Read More

Mali: Project Manager/Water Engineer at Rotary International (Deadline: 2014-12-02)
20 November 2014 | Rotary International, DevNet
A USA based very well established and world recognized NGO is seeking an experienced water (WASH) engineer to develop multiple rural water projects In Mali, West Africa. Work will be concentrated in areas around Bamako the capital and Sikasso the second largest city in the country and in many small... Read More

New York: Consultant for New Deal Implementation Support (Deadline: 2014-12-04)
24 November 2014 | UNDP, Peace and Collaborative Development Network
The International Dialogue on Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (IDPS) began in 2009 after the 3rd High Level Forum in Accra that provided the mandate. It brings together the International Network on Conflict and Fragility (INCAF) under OECD/DAC and the g7+. INCAF convenes international aid agencies and is co-chaired by UNDP. Read More

Colombia: Chief of Party Artisanal Gold Mining, Environmental Impact Reduction Program Pact (Deadline: 2014-12-11)
20 November 2014 | PACT, DevNet
Reporting to the Country Director, the Chief of Party is responsible for leading a five-year USAID-funded program to support the Government of Colombia (GOC) in reducing the environmental impacts of artisanal and small scale mining (ASM), with special emphasis on eliminating the use of mercury and recuperating degraded areas left... Read More

International News

Timor-Leste: East Timor’s Oil Resource: Boon or Bane?
21 November 2014 | Mong Palatino, The Diplomat
Questions have emerged over the performance of East Timor’s Petroleum Fund, reviving discussion about whether the country is suffering from a “resource curse” caused by an over dependence on oil revenues. Read More

Iraq/Kurdistan: BP Seeks Kirkuk Oil Field Revival, Starts Talk with Baghdad
20 November 2014 | Hellenic Shipping News
U.K. supermajor BP plc (BP) has initiated a contract talk with the Iraq’s Oil Ministry to develop the Kirkuk oil field – a potential area for political conflict now that Iraq’s autonomous Kurdistan region has integrated much of the field into its own, separate oil sector. Read More

Liberia: 'FDA Has Capacity Limitation' - Liberia's Forest Chief On U.S.$150 Million Deal
20 November 2014 | AllAfrica
When it was announced at the United Nations Climate Summit in New York that the Government of Norway would be partnering with the Government of Liberia to halt the destruction of Liberia's rainforest, in a US$150 million dollar arrangement, many Liberians were caught in their tracks. Read More

South Sudan: Wildlife Devastated in South Sudan War: Conservationists
19 November 2014 | Peter Martell, AFP
Nairobi - Warring factions in South Sudan have slaughtered, poached and eaten "alarming" numbers of endangered wildlife, devastating one of Africa's largest migrations, conservationists warned Wednesday. Read More

Afghanistan: Land-Grabbing by Powerful Rife in Afghanistan - Watchdog
19 November 2014 | Reuters
Corruption and weak regulation have allowed nearly a quarter of a million hectares of land to be seized in Afghanistan over the last decade, often by powerful officials, a watchdog said Wednesday. Read More

Central African Republic: Central African Republic New ‘Blood Diamond’ Hub
18 November 2014 | Martin Creamer, Mining Weekly
The dysfunctional Central African Republic (CAR) has taken over as the country where “blood diamond” activity is again rife. Read More

Myanmar: Villagers to Protest Over Grisly Death of Kachin Jade Picker
18 November 2014 | Lawi Weng, The Irrawaddy
RANGOON — Hundreds of villagers will protest this week after a jade scavenger was allegedly murdered and mutilated in Hpakant, a resource-rich area in northern Burma’s Kachin State. Read More

DRC: Oil Dispute Takes a Page From Congo’s Bloody Past
15 November 2014 | Jeffrey Gentlemen, New York Times
VIRUNGA NATIONAL PARK, Democratic Republic of Congo — The trouble started when a British company suddenly appeared in this iconic and spectacularly beautiful national park, prospecting for oil. Read More

Sierra Leone: Ebola Wiping out Sierra Leone's Post-War Gains: Study
14 November 2014 | AFP
Ebola-hit Sierra Leone faces social and economic disaster as gains made since the country's ruinous civil war are wiped out by the epidemic, according to a major study released on Friday. Read More

Blogs & Opinion

Kono, Sierra Leone: Cry Me a River
21 November 2014 | The Union
Kono is the main diamond mining district in Sierra Leone. The origin of Blood Diamonds is right here. Even today, the buildings that were damaged and or destroyed during the rebel occupation and war still pockmark this small mining town. Read More

Congo’s Problems Run Deeper than Oil
21 November 2014 | Reuters
Save the gorillas and save the Democratic Republic of Congo, urges “Virunga,” a new documentary from Netflix and enviro-mensches Leonardo DiCaprio and Howard Buffett. The film chronicles the machinations of British oil firm Soco International’s exploratory venture in Congo’s Virunga National Park, while park rangers struggle to thwart them. Read More

Gidon Bromberg on Environmental Peacebuilding in the Lower Jordan Valley
21 November 2014 | New Security Beat
“When you turn on the tap in any community in Israel, water will always flow. That’s not the case in Palestine, and it’s not always the case in Jordan either,” says Gidon Bromberg, Israeli director of EcoPeace Middle East, in this week’s podcast. Read More

Europe Is Dragging Its Feet on Conflict Minerals
16 November 2014 | Huffington Post
Don't ask, don't tell. This is the deal consumers have long been offered by companies in exchange for cheaper clothes, cheaper food, and cheaper gadgets. Knowing the terms of this deal, it can be difficult to ask too many questions about where or how our favourite products are made, or... Read More

Iraqi-Kurdish Oil Deal Falls Short of Solutions
16 November 2014 | The Telegraph
Goran Mohammed had just completed his second year of university in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil when he dropped out to help his father run the family grocery store. When that still didn't earn the family enough money, the 19 year old was forced to take a second job... Read More

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