Environmental Peacebuilding Update

Issue 26: 6 Jan 2015


"Livelihoods, Natural Resources, and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding" to be published in February
6 January 2015 | ELI, UNEP, McGill University & University of Tokyo
The Environmental Law Institute, United Nations Environment Programme, McGill University, and the University of Tokyo are delighted to announce the completion of "Livelihoods, Natural Resources and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding," the fifth in a series of edited books on natural resource management in post-conflict settings. Read More

Year in Review: Environmental Peacebuilding in 2014
6 January 2015 | ELI, UNEP, McGill University & University of Tokyo
In 2014, there was dramatic growth in the field of environmental peacebuilding.  We are pleased to share with you some highlights from the Environmental Peacebuilding partnership and from the broader field.  Read More

Course: Competing Claims on Natural Resources
5 January 2015 | Wageningen University Centre for Development Innovation, Netherlands
Competition over land and natural resources is increasingly overstretching the multi-functionality of landscapes, whether it is at local or at global level. With the ambition as enshrined in numerous international conventions and national polices alike to reconcile agricultural development and the wise use of our natural resources, this places enormous... Read More

Call for Papers: Human Migration and the Environment: Futures, Policies, Invention
4 January 2015 | Durham University, UK
Human migration and the environment are two of the most pressing issues of our times. But what is stake when these two phenomena are articulated as a singular relation? By asking this and many other questions, this conference provides a multidisciplinary forum for scholars, policymakers, practitioners and artists to chart... Read More


Third Arab Water Week 2015: "Innovations & Sustainable Solutions for the Water Sector in the Arab Region"

11 January 2015 | Arab Countries Water Utilities Association, Dead Sea, Jordan

Water is increasingly becoming a binding constraint on Arab development. According to the Arab Development Challenges Report 2011 by UNDP; available renewable fresh water resources per capita in the Arab world are among the lowest worldwide. Read More

Weather & Climate Summit to Include Session on Climate Security

12 January 2015 – 15 January 2015 | Glen Gerberg Weather and Climate Summit, Breckenridge, Colorado

This year’s Glen Gerberg Weather and Climate Summit in Breckenridge once again features some notable climate scientists, including James Balog, who has documented the disappearance of Arctic sea ice, and Dr. Richard Knabb, director of the National Hurricane Center. Read More

Defense, National Security & Climate Change Symposium

23 April 2015 – 24 April 2015 | Association of Climate Change Officers, Washington, DC

ACCO's 4th annual Defense, National Security & Climate Change Symposium will continue the dialogue on the growing efforts of U.S. defense, intelligence and national security communities on assessing and responding to climate change. This year's program will specifically address infrastructure resilience, critical risks in the supply chain, energy security and... Read More

2015 Environmental Emergencies Forum

1 June 2015 – 3 June 2015 | Joint UNEP/OCHA Environment Unit, Oslo, Norway

Global risks are intensifying. The number of people affected by humanitarian crises has almost doubled in the past decade, while more and more people are living in the countries most exposed to the full range of natural and technological hazards. Read More

New Library Resources

In the last two weeks, 24 new publications were added to our online library of materials on environmental peacebuilding. Here is a sampling of the new additions:

Extreme Weather and Civil War: Does Drought Fuel Conflict in Somalia through Livestock Price Shocks?
Jean-François Maystadt and Olivier Ecker (American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 2014)
A growing body of evidence shows a causal relationship between extreme weather events and civil conflict incidence at the global level. We find that this causality is also valid for droughts and local violent conflicts in a within-country setting over a short time frame in the case of Somalia. Read More

The Timing of Conflict Violence: Hydraulic Behavior in the Ugandan Civil War
Timothy Allen Carter and Daniel Jay Veale (Conflict Management and Peace Science, 2014)
Researchers generally examine how variables directly affect events in war. Some variables, however, may not simply increase or decrease conflict events but may instead displace them. In wartime, this dynamic may result from the conditional decision-making made by militaries constrained, at least partially, by time. Read More

Conditions for Peace and Conflict: Applying a Fuzzy-Set Qualitative Comparative Analysis to Cases of Resource Scarcity
Judith M. Bretthauer (Journal of Conflict Resolution, 2014)
This study applies fuzzy-set Qualitative Comparative Analysis (fsQCA) to the debate on links between resource scarcity and armed conflict. Previous studies on this relationship have reached contradictory results. This study aims to solve this contradiction by arguing that social, economic, and political conditions play an important role in determining whether... Read More

Natural Resources: The Overlooked Link in Peacemaking
Daniel Curwin and Emily Daglish (Human Security Centre, 2014)
The latter half of the 20th century, despite being mired in the depths of the Cold War, was a period in which human technological advancements dramatically increased the standard of living for countless individuals around the globe. Read More

Confronting the Curse: The Economics and Geopolitics of Natural Resource Governance
Cullen S. Hendrix and Marcus Noland (Peterson Institute for International Economics, 2014)
Countries blessed with abundant natural resources often seek financial and political power from their supposedly lucky status. But the potentially negative impact of natural resources on development of poor countries is captured in the phrase "the resource curse." Instead of success and prosperity, producers of gold, oil, rubber, sugar, and... Read More

The Rise of Hydro-Diplomacy
Benjamin Pohl, Alexander Carius, Ken Conca, Geoffrey D. Dabelko, Annika Kramer, David Michel, Susanne Schmeier, Ashok Swain, and Aaron Wolf (Adelphi, 2014)
What contribution can diplomats and technical experts make to support transboundary water cooperation? And how can such cooperation be leveraged to facilitate wider-ranging regional integration? To respond to these questions, adelphi convened a group of experts whose discussions have resulted in a report on how to strengthen foreign policy for... Read More

Shindand Airbase: Use of Open-Air Burn Pit Violated Department of Defense Requirements
John F. Sopko, Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), 2014)
In May 2011, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers awarded a $4.4 million contract to construct solid waste management facilities, including two incinerators, at Shindand Airbase, a coalition base located in Herat province in western Afghanistan housing approximately 4,000 U.S. and Afghan military personnel and contractors. Read More

National Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan: Framework for Implementation 2014 - 2017
UNEP (UNEP, 2014)
This National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Afghanistan has been preparedby the National Environmental Protection Agency, with technical and advisory inputsfrom relevant government agencies, non-governmental organizations, internationalorganizations and user groups at national and provincial levels. Read More


In the last two weeks, 7 new jobs were added to our online listing of job postings. Please visit our jobs page to view these positions and other job opportunities.

Environmental Peacebuilding Update Editor
5 January 2015 | ELI & UNEP
The Environmental Law Institute (ELI), the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), the University of Tokyo, and McGill University seek an Editor for the Environmental Peacebuilding Update, a biweekly email newsletter that is circulated to over 2000 subscribers in the field of environmental peacebuilding. Read More

Afghanistan: Programme Manager AUP (Deadline: 2015-01-08)
30 December 2014 | Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
NRC is starting a new regional integrated programme responding to the needs of Afghan displacement affected communities in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran. The overall programme goal is to build on and operationalize NRC’s ongoing efforts to initiate a regional approach to responding to Afghans in protracted situations of displacement. Read More

Indonesia: Consultant for Green Rubber Project (Deadline: 2015-01-09)
5 January 2015 | Center for International Forestry Research
The Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) is a nonprofit, global research organization dedicated to advancing human well-being, environmental conservation and equity. Read More

Timor-Leste: Sanitation Specialist (Deadline: 2015-01-12)
30 December 2014 | BESIK
Aurecon is currently seeking the services of a Sanitation Specialist to facilitate the development of a National Plan for Rural Sanitation Improvement (Roadmap) towards 2030. The specialist will work primarily with the Environmental Health Department (EHD) within Ministry of Health for 48 days over 12 months. Read More

Central African Republic: Operations Manager (Deadline: 2015-01-16)
5 January 2015 | Mercy Corps
Mercy Corps works almost exclusively in high-risk conflict and post-conflict environments. While we recognize that these are difficult places to operate, we believe that transitional environments – countries affected by civil wars, economic and political crisis, or natural disasters – also offer tremendous opportunities for positive change. Read More

Solomon Islands: Social Scientist (Deadline: 2015-01-26)
30 December 2014 | WorldFish
WorldFish, a member of the CGIAR Consortium, is an international, nonprofit research organization. CGIAR is a global partnership that unites organizations engaged in research for a food secure future. CGIAR research is dedicated to reducing rural poverty, increasing food security, improving human health and nutrition, and ensuring more sustainable management of... Read More

London: Executive Director (Deadline: 2015-02-15)
2 January 2015 | Global Witness
Global Witness is seeking an Executive Director to run the organisation and its pioneering investigations and campaigns. Read More

International News

Iraq: Iraq Oil Exports Soar but Low Prices Hit Revenue
3 January 2015 | Al Arabiya
Iraq's oil exports reached their highest level in decades in December, the oil ministry's spokesman said on Saturday, but vital revenues were being hit by the plummeting prices of crude. Iraq exported 91.141 million barrels of oil in December for an average of 2.94 million barrels per day, the highest... Read More

South Sudan: ‘Silent Emergency’ in South Sudan as Protracted Conflict Displaces Millions of Cattle – UN
31 December 2014 | United Nations
As South Sudan’s livestock owners flee the country’s conflict, a “silent emergency” has emerged threatening the very fabric of society and further undermining social stability, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned today as it announced a scale-up in its livestock interventions in the embattled nation. Read More

Liberia: Plan to Resell Oil Block 16 Contract Exposed
31 December 2014 | Heritage
It can be recalled that recently, the  53rd  Legislature  ratified the controversial Production Sharing Contract (PSC) of Liberia offshore Oil Block 16 between the Government of Liberia (GOL) and Liberty Petroleum Corporation Liberia Limited, Pillar Oil Limited and New Millennium Oil and Gas.The Legislature ratified the Block 16 Oil Contract... Read More

Iraq: Basra Leaders Pushing for Regional Autonomy
30 December 2014 | Ali Abu Iraq and Ben Lando, Iraq Oil Report
Leaders in Basra are making a renewed push to form a region akin to the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) – a move that would reduce the central government's power over the engine of Iraq's economy.The campaign comes as Basrawis grow increasingly impatient with Baghdad, which has delayed implementing revenue... Read More

Libya: Libyan Militias Set Fire to Storage Tanks in Renewed Push for Oil, Foreign Minister Says
28 December 2014 | New York Times
Libya’s foreign minister said Sunday that militant groups were making a renewed push to seize oil resources, after an assault on eastern terminals set storage tanks ablaze, sending huge clouds of black smoke into the sky. Read More

DRC: 15 Killed in Illegal Mine in Democratic Republic of Congo
28 December 2014 | Press TV
At least 15 people have suffocated to death while working in an illegal mine in the southeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). Read More

China, Viet Nam, South China Sea: China, Vietnam to Address Maritime Disputes without Using 'Megaphone Diplomacy:' Xinhua
27 December 2014 | Pete Sweeney, Reuters
Senior Chinese and Vietnamese officials have agreed to settle their maritime disputes without resorting to "megaphone diplomacy", the official Xinhua news service said on Saturday. Read More

Resource Curse: Africa’s Rich Oil: The New Political Scramble and Core Causes for Conflict around the Continent (Part 2)
26 December 2014 | Josephus Moses Gray, GNN Liberia
The African continent which is blessed with riches is drawing new interests from powerful and influential countries and companies around the globe owing to its resources especially the high quality of oil and wealth. These countries and major actors nowadays see the continent as the most promising place in the... Read More

Blogs & Opinion

UN Report Highlights Women’s Roles in Natural Resource Management During and After Conflict
5 January 2015 | Priya Kamdar
It’s been 14 years since the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1325 acknowledging women as important agents of change in recovery from conflict and peacebuilding generally. But between 1992 and 2011, only four percent of signatories in 31 major peace processes around the world were women, and only 12 out... Read More

'Outside the Net': Women's Participation in Fishing Activities in Trincomalee District of Sri Lanka
5 January 2015 | Gayathri Lokuge
‘The woman left us slowly and moved to the other side of the beach seine, sat down on the sand and started piling the seaweed after the men removed it from their nets... The woman didn’t touch the seaweed till it was laid on the beach, sorted out by the... Read More

Crunching the Numbers on Climate Change, Conflict, and Food Aid
31 December 2014 | Sarah Meyerhoff
Two studies push back on recent analyses that claim to demonstrate empirical links between food aid and conflict and climate change and conflict. Read More

Who is Setting Libya’s Oil on Fire?
31 December 2014 | Ali Ibrahim
Those worried about the slump in the oil market—which has seen prices of crude oil fall to their lowest levels in years—may owe a debt of gratitude to the armed militias in Libya. These groups are now setting ablaze storage tanks in the country, reducing the oil output from one... Read More

The Egypt-Ethiopia Dispute Over the Nile Basin Can Evolve into a Strategic Partnership
30 December 2014 | Goitom Gebreluel
Ethiopia and Egypt have successfully managed to end their millennia-long rivalry over the river Nile. Ethiopia’s announcement in 2011 of its intention to construct Africa’s largest hydropower plant on its share of the Blue Nile led to developments that radically changed bilateral relations and hydro-politics in the Nile basin. Read More

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