Environmental Peacebuilding Update

Issue 27: 20 Jan 2015


Green Star Awards: Nominations Extended to Feb. 15
9 January 2015 | Green Cross, UNEP, and OCHA
The biennial Green Star Awards recognize individuals, organizations, governments and companies who have demonstrated achievements in prevention, preparedness and response to environmental emergencies. Read More


51st Munich Security Conference

6 February 2015 – 8 February 2015 | Munich Security Conference, Germany

Key topics at the 51st Munich Security Conference (MSC) will include the crisis in Ukraine and the deteriorating situation in the Middle East. Side events will cover topics including climate security, disarmament, the Ebola virus, corruption, refugees, and energy security. Read More

Investing in African Mining Indaba

9 February 2015 – 12 February 2015 | Mining Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa

African Mining Indaba brings together top leaders from the private sector, the international investment community and African governments to discuss challenges and opportunities of the African mining industry.  The World Bank Group will host a series of sessions to highlight the importance of sustainable development issues such as governance, infrastructure... Read More

Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS): Launch of the 2nd Edition Handbook

9 February 2015 | Overseas Development Institute, London and online

Millions of people worldwide depend on livestock for their livelihoods and many of them – and their animals – are affected by disasters, both natural and man-made. The Livestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards (LEGS) are the international guidelines and standards for the design, implementation and assessment of livestock interventions to assist people... Read More

2015 Congress: Dangerous Dialogues and Courageous Conversations

23 April 2015 – 26 April 2015 | Mediators Beyond Borders, Bucharest, Romania

The conference presentations and workshops will focus on the themes of climate change related conflicts, peacebuilding processes and women, historical conflicts and divisions, emerging conflicts and tensions, and opportunities and challenges for conflict transformation through trauma informed peacebuilding and restorative justice practices. Read More

2015 Environmental Emergencies Forum

1 June 2015 – 3 June 2015 | Joint UNEP/OCHA Environment Unit, Oslo, Norway

Global risks are intensifying. The number of people affected by humanitarian crises has almost doubled in the past decade, while more and more people are living in the countries most exposed to the full range of natural and technological hazards. Read More

New Library Resources

In the last two weeks, 18 new publications were added to our online library of materials on environmental peacebuilding. Here is a sampling of the new additions:

Benchmarks for Land Governance in Africa
Tim Bending (International Land Coalition Africa, 2014)
As we plunge into land reforms on the African continent with diverse interests and players raising varied propositions, the Framework and Guidelines on Land Policy in Africa (F&G) and the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the Context of National Food Security... Read More

Extracting Peace: The Management of Natural Resources as a Platform for Promoting Peace and Stability in Liberia
Zahed Yousuf (International Alert, 2014)
This paper argues that the government of Liberia’s current approach to managing investment in natural resources is having an adverse effect on the country’s social, political and economic dynamics, which is increasing the risk of conflict. In order to avoid a return to conflict and move towards more stability, a new approach... Read More

Drought, Dams, and Survival: Linking Water to Conflict and Cooperation in Syria’s Civil War
Andrea Beck (International Affairs Forum, 2014)
In an attempt to contribute to the literature on natural resources and civil war, this paper addresses the role of water in the ongoing armed struggle in Syria. It examines the question “To what extent is water linked to conflict and cooperation in Syria’s civil war?” Based on an analysis... Read More

Water, Drought, Climate Change and Conflict in Syria
Peter H. Gleick (Weather, Climate and Society, 2014)
The devastating civil war that began in Syria in March 2011 is the result of complex interrelated factors. The focus of the conflict is regime change, but the triggers include a broad set of religious and sociopolitical factors, the erosion of the economic health of the country, a wave of... Read More

International Conference on Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley Conference Proceedings
EcoPeace, WEDO, SIWI, Global Nature Fund (EcoPeace, 2014)
The SIWI / EcoPeace / GNF November 10-12, 2014 "International Conference on Sustainable Development in the Jordan Valley" brought together over one hundred and fifty government officials from Jordan, Palestine and Israel, international diplomatic representatives, international development agency representatives, and basin experts. Read More

Afghanistan: Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Project II
Michael Stanley (The World Bank, 2014)
The development objective of the Second Sustainable Development of Natural Resources Project for Afghanistan is to assist the ministry of mines and petroleum (MoMP) and the national environmental protection agency (NEPA) in further improving their capacities to effectively regulate Afghanistan'’s mineral resource development in a transparent and efficient manner, and... Read More

Geologic Map of Metallic and Nonmetallic Mineral Deposits, Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan [Interactive Map]
Stephen G. Peters, Will R. Stettner, Donald P. Mathieux, Linda M. Masonic, and Thomas W. Moran (U.S. Geological Survey, 2014)
This geologic map of central Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan, is a combined, redrafted, and modified version of a geological map of central Badakhshan and map of minerals of central Badakhshan from Semenov and others (1967) (Soviet report no. R0815). Read More

Exploitation of Mineral Resources in Afghanistan without Government Revenues or Development Benefits
William Byrd and Javed Noorani (United States Institute of Peace, 2014)
Afghanistan has plentiful underground mineral resources—hydrocarbons, solid minerals, dimension stones, and gemstones. Gold, platinum, silver, copper, iron, chromite, tantalum, uranium, and aluminum, among others, have potential for economic exploitation. The total value of these resources has been variously estimated at US$1 trillion to US$3 trillion. Read More


In the last two weeks, 8 new jobs were added to our online listing of job postings. Please visit our jobs page to view these positions and other job opportunities.

Jordan: Renewable Energy Project Coordinator (Deadline: 2015-01-25)
7 January 2015 | Norwegian Refugee Council
NRC is planning to implement a project on replicable renewable energy to contribute towards meeting the renewable energy goals set by the Government of Jordan’s strategic guidelines for 2020. The project has two specific objectives: Specific objectives: to demonstrate the economic feasibility, technical efficiency and replicability of renewable energy at... Read More

South Sudan: Food Security Livelihoods Coordinator (Deadline: 2015-01-27)
11 January 2015 | Danish Refugee Council
The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a private, independent, humanitarian organization working on all aspects of the refugee cause in more than twenty five countries throughout the world. The aim of DRC is to protect refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) against persecution and to promote durable solutions to the... Read More

Myanmar: Land Program Officer (Deadline: 2015-01-30)
11 January 2015 | Namati
In a world where billions of people live outside the protection of the law, Namati is dedicated to putting the law in peoples' hands. We are building a global movement of grassroots legal advocates who work with communities to advance justice. Read More

South Sudan: Deputy Project Director (Deadline: 2015-02-01)
11 January 2015 | Catholic Relief Services
Catholic Relief Services (CRS) carries out the commitment of the Bishops of the United States to assist the poor and vulnerable overseas. Our Catholic identity is at the heart of our mission and operations. We welcome as a part of our staff and as partners people of all faiths and... Read More

Liberia: Emergency WASH/Environmental Health Manager (Deadline: 2015-02-11)
11 January 2015 | International Medical Corps
International Medical Corps is a global, humanitarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and development programs. Established in 1984 by volunteer doctors and nurses, International Medical Corps is a private, voluntary, nonpolitical, nonsectarian organization. Read More

Afghanistan: WASH Adviser (Deadline: 2015-02-17)
11 January 2015 | Mission East
Location / department: Mission East (ME) Faizabad City, Badakhshan Province, Afghanistan, with frequent travels to provinces in Afghanistan with ME operations (Takhar, Badakhshan and Baghlan) and travel to Kabul. Read More

Jordan: WASH Program Manager (Deadline: 2015-02-28)
11 January 2015 | Agency for Technical Development and Cooperation
Agency for Technical Development and Cooperation (ACTED) is an independent international, private, non-partisan and non-profit organization that operates according to principles of strict neutrality, political and religious impartiality, and non discrimination. ACTED was created in 1993 to support populations affected by the conflict in Afghanistan. Read More

International News

Sri Lanka: Probe Land Grabbing from 2005-2014 - ECT Chief
19 January 2015 | Disna Mudalige, Daily News
Incidents of land grabbing from 2005-2014 should be investigated, Environment Conservation Trust (ECT) Director Sajeewa Chamikara said. Read More

Rwanda: Kagame Says Rwanda Not Plundering DRC Coltan
16 January 2015 | News of Rwanda
President Paul Kagame has offered free visa and air ticket to anyone disputing Rwanda's Coltan (tantalum) production capability to visit the country's active mining sites. Read More

Colombia: Understanding Colombia’s Armed Conflict: International Actors
15 January 2015 | Colombia Reports
Compared with much of the world, Latin America was relatively free inter-state wars during the 20th century, and Colombia is no exception. While tension with neighboring countries, particularly Ecuador and Venezuela, increased during the hardline administration of Alvaro Uribe, much of the violence experienced in Colombian society comes from domestic actors. Read More

Guinea: Did Palm Oil Expansion Play a Role in the Ebola Crisis?
14 January 2015 | Emmanuel K. Urey, Mongabay.com
The Ebola outbreak in West Africa may have been the result of complex economic and agricultural policies developed by authorities in Guinea and Liberia, according to a new commentary in Environment and Planning A. Looking at the economic activities around villages where Ebola first emerged, the investigators analyzed a shift... Read More

China/Vietnam/South China Sea: Vietnamese Fishermen Suffer More Chinese Attacks
14 January 2015 | Quang Ngai, Thanh Nien News
At least three fishing boats from Ly Son Island were attacked this month by Chinese crews that have moved into their traditional fishing grounds around the Hoang Sa (Paracel) islands. Read More

Iraq/Kurdistan: Baghdad Bid to Raise Oil Exports from Kurdistan; British to Reconsider
12 January 2015 | World Bulletin
The central government in Iraq began constructing a new oil pipeline from Kirkuk to Erbil to increase oil exports from region, an official from the Kurdish regional government in the north said on Sunday.  Read More

Somalia/Somaliland: Berbera Residents against Habarjeclo's Land-Grabbing
10 January 2015 | Waagacusub Media
Hundreds of families from President Siilaanyo's tribe of Habarjeclo take advantage of the sea-port of Berbera Somaliland, which have resulted anti-Habarjeclo sentiment, reliable sources told Waagacusub Media. Read More

Palestine: Storm Adds to Misery of Gaza’s Most Vulnerable
9 January 2015 | Majd al Waheidi and Jode Rudoren, New York Times
As a winter storm continued to pound the Middle East, thousands of Gaza residents whose homes were destroyed or damaged in last summer’s war with Israel struggled with the harsh weather for a third day, and a 4-month-old baby from the southern part of the territory died on Friday from... Read More

Syria: Yarmouk Camp Victim of Water Wars in Syria
7 January 2015 | Aya Chebbi, Al Jazeera
The Syrian regime is using water as a tool of war in the Yarmouk camp, according to a recent report issued by the Palestinian League for Human Rights (PLHR). Read More

Nigeria: Shell Agrees to Pay $83.5 Million for Oil Spills
7 January 2015 | New York Times
The oil giant Shell agreed early Wednesday to pay a Nigerian fishing community 55 million pounds, or about $83.5 million, ending a three-year legal battle in Britain over two spills in 2008 that destroyed thousands of acres of mangroves and the seafood that had sustained Bodo villagers in the Niger... Read More

Blogs & Opinion

What Haiti Needs to Do Next
13 January 2015 | Alex Fischer and Marc A. Levy
Within three months of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, the initial shock and sadness of the tragedy had been replaced by an enormous ambition: Haiti would build back better. Sadly, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the earthquake, the political crisis embroiling the country threatens what progress has... Read More

The Civil War’s Environmental Impact
12 January 2015 | Ted Widmer
The Civil War was the most lethal conflict in American history, by a wide margin. But the conventional metric we use to measure a war’s impact – the number of human lives it took – does not fully convey the damage it caused. Read More

A Tale of Two Shocks in Iraq
12 January 2015 | Masood Ahmed
Iraq is facing a “double shock” from the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) insurgency and the global plunge in oil prices. While the new government led by Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi was formed with the express objective of dealing with the insurgency and addressing the humanitarian disaster... Read More

Future Wars on Water
9 January 2015 | Dr. Muhammad Yaqoob Bhatti
It has been said that all future wars would be on water disputes. Egypt has already issued an ultimatum of war to Ethiopia in the event of their building a dam on the Blue Nile, a tributary of Nile River that could curtail its historic rights on water. Read More

Rebuilding Gaza and the Need to Assess TRW Risks
9 January 2015 | Andrew Garrity
The people of Gaza are facing the colossal task of rebuilding homes, roads and schools following the hostilities between Hamas and the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) last summer. Disagreements over border access and the importation of construction equipment and materials have delayed the removal of rubble and rebuilding. Read More

Will China Change its South China Sea Approach in 2015?
8 January 2015 | Prashanth Parameswaran
Given the litany of surprises we have witnessed in the South China Sea over the past few years, it would be a fool’s errand to make grand predictions about what we might see in 2015. Nonetheless, there has been a flurry of discussions over the past few months among the... Read More

Sanctions for Peace in South Sudan
7 January 2015 | Peter Biar Ajak
After about a year of on-off negotiations between the government of South Sudan and rebels led by its former vice president, Riek Machar, the two sides have yet to make any meaningful progress. Read More

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