Environmental Peacebuilding Update

Issue 31: 17 Mar 2015


Early Registration for Environmental and Social Conflict Resolution in the Resources Sector
16 March 2015 | EduMine
Registration with an early bird discount is now available for a three-part web-based course focused on improving participants' 1) understanding of the costs of conflict in the resource industry; 2) processes and mechanisms by which communities can make their concerns heard and which companies can draw on to work with... Read More

2015 Peacebuilders Fellowship
12 March 2015 | Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey: Center for Conflict Studies
The Center's slogan "Knowledge as Action; Action as Change" drives the 2015 Peacebuilders Fellowship. The goal is learn first-hand from the people who are experiencing conflict and from those working on conflict and then document the information and lessons learned in a way that it creates action points for those... Read More


Conflict and Natural Resources in Central African Republic

23 March 2015 | The Friends Committee on National Legislation and the Congressional African Staff Association, Washington, DC

This panel discussion will focus on how natural resources – including high-value resources like diamonds, ivory and timber – have exacerbated violent conflict and tensions in Central African Republic. The conversation will include a discussion of regional trends and implications as well as how effective natural resource management can support... Read More

2015 Biennial Conference on the Business and Economics of Peace

10 April 2015 – 11 April 2015 | Institute for Economics and Peace and American University’s Kogod School of Business, Washington, DC

The Institute for Economics and Peace and American University’s Kogod School of Business will host the 2015 biennial conference on “The Business and Economics of Peace,” April 10-11, 2015 at American University in Washington, D.C. Read More

Defense, National Security & Climate Change Symposium

23 April 2015 – 24 April 2015 | Association of Climate Change Officers, Washington, DC

ACCO's 4th annual Defense, National Security & Climate Change Symposium will continue the dialogue on the growing efforts of U.S. defense, intelligence and national security communities on assessing and responding to climate change. This year's program will specifically address infrastructure resilience, critical risks in the supply chain, energy security and... Read More

2015 Congress: Dangerous Dialogues and Courageous Conversations

23 April 2015 – 26 April 2015 | Mediators Beyond Borders, Bucharest, Romania

The conference presentations and workshops will focus on the themes of climate change related conflicts, peacebuilding processes and women, historical conflicts and divisions, emerging conflicts and tensions, and opportunities and challenges for conflict transformation through trauma informed peacebuilding and restorative justice practices. Read More

REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals: Potential Impacts on the Metals Industry

29 April 2015 | ASTM, Anaheim, California

This workshop will focus on REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals as they affect the copper industry. These developments could have a major impact upon the metals industry as health and social legislation expands its scope within industry in general. Read More

Facilitation and Mediation of Public and Environmental Conflicts: Practical Strategies for Reaching Agreement

5 May 2015 – 7 May 2015 | Collaborative Decision Resources, Colorado, United States

Collaborative Design Resource (CDR) Associates event “Facilitation & Mediation of Public & Environmental Conflicts: Practical Strategies for Reaching Agreement” in Colorado was created to develop essential skills to manage the complexities of multi-party conflict. Participants will learn to: conduct conflict situation assessments, design more effective resolution strategies, and respond creatively... Read More

Environmental Peacebuilding and Sustainability in Washington, DC and the Balkans

10 May 2015 – 1 June 2015 | International Peace Park Expeditions, Washington, DC, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania

This 7 credit field course (in Washington DC and the Balkans) will provide students with a unique, experiential learning opportunity in one of the last bio-diversity hotspots in Europe, a place where the legacy of the conflict of the 1990s is being overcome with entrepreneurship, ecotourism and environmental peacebuilding. Read More

Environmental and Social Conflict Resolution in the Resources Sector

26 May 2015 – 28 May 2015 | EduMine, Live Webcast

The extractive industry has the potential to significantly transform environments, communities and economies. At times, such transformation may manifest in conflicts or disputes between a resource developer and local communities, or even complete breakdown of the company's social licence to operate—with associated costs for the company, local communities, and the... Read More


In the last two weeks, 54 new publications were added to our online library of materials on environmental peacebuilding. Here is a sampling of the new additions:

Commercial Agriculture Expansion in Myanmar: Links to Deforestation, Conversion Timber, and Land Conflicts
Kevin Woods (Forest Trends, 2015)
In Myanmar, the clearing of forests to make way for the expansion of commercial agricultural fields is increasingly the leading driver of deforestation, alongside legal and illegal logging. This conversion is now taking place at an unprecedented rate and the government is encouraging increasing levels of investment for large-scale industrial... Read More

Lessons from the Field: Holding Leaders Accountable in Land Transactions
Ali Kaba and Chelsea Keyser (NAMATI: Innovations in Legal Empowerment, 2015)
Liberia currently has one of the highest land concession rates in Africa. Between 2004 and 2009, the Liberian government either granted or renegotiated land and forestry concessions totaling 1.6 million hectares – over 7% of the total national land area. Read More

Fool's Gold: The Case for Scrutinizing Sudan's Conflict Gold Trade
Akshaya Kumar (Enough Project, 2015)
Gold coming from Sudan is conflict-affected, high-risk, and helping to destabilize Darfur, Blue Nile, and South Kordofan, the country’s main conflict zones. In those areas, civilians living around gold mining sites have suffered killings, mass rape, and the torching of their homes and fields at the hands of armed groups,... Read More

L'uranium et la instabilité politique au Niger [Uranium and Political Instability in Niger]
(Uranium and Political Instability in Niger)
Souleymane Abba Gana (in L'intégration de l'Afrique dans l'economie mondiale, 2014)
The success of Africa's in a multipolar world economy is ambivalent. As part of the centrifugal and centripetal movements, in time and space, integration of the continent in international economic and financial relations is characterized by a diversity of national situations. Read More


In the last two weeks, 8 new jobs were added to our online listing of job postings. Please visit our jobs page to view these positions and other job opportunities.

Democratic Republic of the Congo: Program Administrator (Deadline: 2015-03-19)
15 March 2015 | World Wildlife Fund
Under the CAFEC project, funded by USAID, WWF will implement a work programme over the next five years primarily oriented towards the protected area and its periphery, the whole forming a priority landscape of the COMIFAC (Central African Forest Commission). Read More

Haiti: Design and Implement Solar Power Solutions Contractor (Deadline: 2015-03-25)
15 March 2015 | America Red Cross
The American Red Cross (ARC) is issuing this Request for Proposals (“RFP”) to source acontractor/firm to work directly with the Haitian Red Cross for the design, fabrication, delivery, installation, and maintenance of solar power system/s for the HRC Central office compound. Read More

Afghanistan: UNEP Environment Project Assistant (Deadline: 2015-04-01)
17 March 2015 | United Nations Environment Programme
The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Post-Conflict and Disaster Management  Branch is seeking to hire a project assistant to help develop and implement a Climate Technology Centre and Network (CTCN) response plan for Afghanistan, conduct stakeholder consultations and conduct capacity building exercises, develop a series of advocacy papers, select local... Read More

USA: Global Forests Associate (Deadline: 2015-04-04)
15 March 2015 | World Resources Institute
WRI seeks a full-time Africa Forests Associate to support Global Forest Watch (GFW) activities in East and West Africa. The position will lead development of strategies and support on-the-ground implementation to apply GFW tools and information to improve land-use decision-making and forest resource monitoring in priority countries. Read More

Rwanda: Project Manager (Deadline: 2015-04-08)
15 March 2015 | Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust
The Project Manager will advise on and coordinate projects that enhance the livelihoods of the surrounding community, and help to safeguard wildlife in Virunga, Bwindi, Gahinga and Kyambura Gorge VS lodge areas.   The role requires a strong manager with a keen interest rural communities and in the conservation of... Read More

Canada: Associate Faculty Member (Deadline: 2015-04-13)
10 March 2015 | Royal Roads University
The School of Humanitarian Studies is seeking applications for associate faculty to both develop and teach in the Master of Arts in Conflict Analysis and Management, Disaster and Emergency Management, and Human Security and Peacebuilding programs.  We have a number of second year  courses that will be delivered either entirely... Read More

International News

India: How Coal Fuels India’s Insurgency
16 March 2015 | Anthony Loyd, National Geographic
The gunman at the jungle’s edge lived and died by different names. Some knew him as Prashant, others as Paramjeet. Occasionally he called himself Gopalji, trading the alias with another insurgent leader to further confuse the Indian authorities trying to hunt him down. Read More

Myanmar: Knowledge Vacuum and Conflict Plague Salween River
14 March 2015 | Demelza Black, The Irrawaddy
Bright sunlight bears down on Saw Nyan Win as he unravels his fishing net with practiced hands on the bank of the Salween river, “I have already identified 16 species of fish existing in this area,” he tells me, “but I need more time to be able to identify many... Read More

Timor-Leste: Timor Considers Buying Sunrise
13 March 2015 | Peter Klinger, The West Australian
Timor-Leste Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Alfredo Pires said yesterday its national oil company, Timor Gap, could be used to buy out Woodside or other Sunrise joint venture partners such as Royal Dutch Shell or ConocoPhillips to end the development stalemate. Read More

Iraq: Oil Companies Offer to Cut 2015 Spending in Iraq
12 March 2015 | Reuters
Oil companies have proposed millions of dollars of cuts in development spending in Iraq, a senior oil ministry official said, after Baghdad told them low oil prices and its fight against Islamic State had made payments difficult. Read More

Nile River: On the River Nile, a Move to Avert a Conflict over Water
12 March 2015 | Fred Pearce, Yale Environment 360
For thousands of years, Egyptians have depended on the waters of the Nile flowing out of the Ethiopian highlands and central Africa. It is the world’s longest river, passing through 11 countries, but without its waters the most downstream of those nations, Egypt, is a barren desert. Read More

Liberia: GVL, Citizens Reach Agreement
10 March 2015 | N. Dweh Nimley, The NEWS (Monrovia)
Citizens of Butaw Administrative District in Sinoe County have reportedly reached an agreement with Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) for the expansion and development of land in the area. The agreement, which was reached over the weekend followed over three years of negotiations between the citizens and the Management of Golden... Read More

Sierra Leone: Ebola Crisis Could Force Sierra Leone to Diversify away from Mining
10 March 2015 | The Guardian
As Sierra Leone looks to rebuild after the Ebola epidemic, it may be forced to diversify from a mining-heavy economic base. Falling iron ore prices and the effects of Ebola on the industry signal the need for change, according to the chairman of the Chamber of Mines, who said the... Read More

China/Vietnam/South China Sea: Coast Guards Chase Chinese Vessel off Vietnam Waters
9 March 2015 | Nguyen Tu and Ba Vinh, Thanh Nien News
Coast guards in central Vietnam last week chased a Chinese poacher vessel from Vietnamese waters thanks to local fishermen's tip-off. Truong Van Phuong, a fisherman from Da Nang, said he noticed a Chinese fishing boat deep in Vietnamese waters in the morning of March 7. “The [Chinese] boat [looked] similar to the... Read More

Palestine: Gaza's Farmers on Front Lines of Perpetual War
6 March 2015 | Dylan Collins, Al Jazeera
Palestinian farmers in the Gaza Strip are struggling to recover from the 51-day war between Israel and Palestinian armed groups that ended with a ceasefire in late August 2014. Twenty years ago, Jaber Abu Daqqa, 61, moved from his hometown of Khuzaa to nearby al-Faraheen, a village that touches Israel's heavily... Read More


Iraq’s Continuing Struggle with Conflict Pollution
12 March 2015 | Wim Zwijnenburg
While Iraq is still recovering from the environmental impact of both Gulf wars, it now faces new environmental problems caused by the current conflict against the Islamic State. Since the uprising began in June 2014, fierce battles have taken place in and around cities and industrial areas, affecting the already... Read More

Blog: Will Congress Revisit the Conflict Minerals Rule?
6 March 2015 | Cydney Posner
According to a Bloomberg BNA report, a representative of the Chamber of Commerce, one of the plaintiffs in National Association of Manufacturers, Inc. v. SEC, the conflict minerals case currently pending in the DC Circuit, claims that the litigation “is sparking new interest by Congress in the requirements.” Don’t bank on it, at least in... Read More

Drilling down into the Connection Researchers are Making between Climate Change and Conflict
5 March 2015 | Keith Kloor
The Carbon Brief, a UK website created in 2011, is a destination for many seeking non-partisan information and analysis on climate change related news and research. I like the neutral tone of the articles and the comprehensive perspective it offers on controversial issues, such as the state of the science on polar bears and, in a similar... Read More

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