Environmental Peacebuilding Update

Issue 59: 12 Apr 2016


Hiroshima & The DMZ: The Ethnology of Environmental Peacebuilding in Korea & Japan
5 April 2016 | Peace Park Expeditions and Ohio University
Experience the power and beauty of East Asian culture, language and ecology in the Hiroshima and the DMZ program. This summer will take students back in time as they learn about the practical and symbolic work of environmental peacebuilding in South Korea and Japan through the ages. Read More


For more upcoming events on environmental peacebuilding, please visit our online calendar of events.

Media, Peace & the Environment National Conference

16 April 2016 | Media Association for Peace, Beirut, Lebanon

MAP is happy to be holding the world's first conference dedicated to the intersection between media, peace, and the natural environment. The day will explore the values of peace journalism as they intersect with issues of sustainability and environmental justice locally and globally. Read More

Partnering for Local Value Chain Development in Contexts of Instability

26 April 2016 | Clingendael CRU, The Hague, Netherlands

This interactive, closed door expert session aims to stimulate open and candid discussion on local value chain development in fragile and conflict-affected contexts by focusing on the findings of a pilot case study on the factors and conditions which facilitate or hamper the development and upgrading of Heineken’s local sorghum beer value... Read More

4th Conflict Minerals Compliance and Supply Chain Transparency Conference

22 June 2016 – 23 June 2016 | Marcus Evans, Chicago, IL

Marcus Evans will host the 4th Conflict Minerals Compliance and Supply Chain Transparency Conference on June 22-23, 2016 in Chicago, IL. The 4th edition of this conference examines US, UK, EU, and APAC regulations and reform which make supply chain due diligence and corporate social responsibility a must. Read More


In the last two weeks, 22 new publications were added to our online library of materials on environmental peacebuilding. Here is a sampling of the new additions:

Explaining How Unexploded Ordnance Clearance Enhances Livelihoods in the Lao PDR
Jo Durham, Vong Nanhthavong, and Vanphanom Sychareun (Evaluation and Program Planning, 2015)
Following violent conflict, the continued presence of landmines and unexploded ordnance pose a barrier to rebuilding livelihoods. Mine action removes thes explosive remnants of conflict to enable communities to safely return contaminated land to productive use. Read More

Ghana’s Gold Diggers: Chinese Miners Bring Conflict
Jon Spaull (Science Development Net, 2016)
China has had a long history of investment in Ghana, whether it be building the country’s national theatre or constructing roads and dams. But the Chinese influence has not always been beneficial. Read More

Enabling War and Peace: Drugs, Logs, Gems, and Wildlife in Thailand and Burma
Vanda Felbab-Brown (Center for East Asian Policy Studies at Brookings, 2015)
This policy paper explores the relation- ship between conflict, peace dynamics, and drugs and other illicit economies in Read More

Empowering Peace: Service Provision and State Legitimacy in Nepal’s Peace-Building Process
Florian Krampe (Conflict, Security & Development, 2016)
There is growing demand for an understanding of peace beyond the absence of violence. As such research focuses increasingly on the issue of state legitimacy as a tool to assess and understand peace processes. In this paper the relationship between service provision and state legitimacy is studied to assess whether... Read More

Palestine Marks 'Land Day' amid Fresh Israeli Land Grabs [Infographic]
Anees Bargouthi (Anadolu Agency, 2016)
According to Palestinean Central Bureau of Statistics, Israel has seized 85 percent of historical Palestine since Jewish state was established in 1948. Read More

Save the Namtu River: Impacts of the Upper Yeywa and Other Planned Dams on the Namtu in Shan State
Shan Human Rights Foundation, Shan State Farmers’ Network, and Shan Sapawa Environmental Organization, 2016
In January 2016, Burma’s state media reported that Naypyidaw was pro- ceeding with four new hydropower dams on the Namtu (Myitnge or Dokhtawaddy) River, three of which are in conflict areas of Shan State. These new dams, together with the existing Yeywa dam, will form a cas- cade blocking half... Read More

Legally and Illegally Logged Out: The Status of Myanmar's Timber Sector and Options for Reform
Oliver Springate-Baginski, Thorsten Treue, and Kyaw Htun (EU, University of East Anglia, University of Copenhagen, and EcoDev, 2016)
Myanmar has been endowed with extensive areas of some of the most valuable timber bearing forests in the world. But in Myanmar’s recent history they have been more of a curse than a blessing, attracting colonial annexation and plunder in which local rights were extinguished and local needs neglected. Read More

Disputes over Territorial Boundaries and Diverging Valuation Languages: The Santurban Hydrosocial Highlands Territory in Colombia
Bibiana Duarte-Abadia and Rutgerd Boelens (Water International, 2016)
We examine the divergent modes of conceptualizing, valuing and representing the páramo highlands of Santurban, Colombia, as a struggle over hydrosocial territory. Páramo residents, multinational companies, government and scientists deploy territorial representations and valuation languages that interact and conflict with each other. Read More


17 jobs were posted in the last two weeks. Here is a sampling of the new additions. Please visit our jobs page to view these positions and other job opportunities.

DRC: CARPE Chief of Party
9 April 2016 | World Resources Institute
WRI seeks a full-time Chief of Party (CoP) to lead implementation of the five year (2014-2019) WRI-led Strengthening Central Africa Environmental Monitoring and Policy Support (SCAEMPS) program, as part of USAID’s Central Africa Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE) in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Republic of... Read More

Bosnia and Herzegovina: International Tourism Development Consultant (Deadline: 2016-04-13)
8 April 2016 | UNDP
The purpose of this consultancy is to support strategic planning process in the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNK, local acronym) in accordance with the Methodology for Integrated Cantonal Development Planning in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Read More

Somaliland: Range Management Training Expert (Deadline: 2016-04-14)
9 April 2016 | Somaliland Development Fund
The Somaliland Development Fund (SDF) is a 4-year fund designed to support the Government of Somaliland (GoSL) filling a critical gap supporting projects that are fully aligned to the National Development Plan (NDP). SDF is currently funded by the Department for International Development (DFID), the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA),... Read More

Liberia: Forestry Performance Evaluation Team Member (Deadline: 2016-04-15)
9 April 2016 | Social Impact
Through the Liberia Strategic Analysis (LSA) task order, USAID/Liberia has engaged Social Impact, Inc. (SI) to conduct an external final performance evaluation of one of their forestry/natural resource management programs. The overall goal of this program is to introduce, operationalize, and refine appropriate models for community management of forest resources... Read More

Burundi: Associé(e) au Programme - Développement Durable et Création d'emploi (Deadline: 2016-04-17)
8 April 2016 | UNDP
Sous la supervision directe du Chef de l’Unité Croissance Inclusive et Développement Durable, l’Associé(e) Programme assure l'exécution effective et efficace du Programme de Pays par la création de projets, la gestion et le suivi dans ATLAS. Read More

South Sudan: Environment and Sustainable Energy - National Consultant (Deadline: 2016-04-18)
8 April 2016 | UNDP
South Sudan is a young country which is well endowed with agricultural and fertile arable land, a huge population of globally important and endangered wildlife species and has 6 legally created national parks and 13 game reserves covering 11.1% of the total land area, abundant forestry (covering 29% of total... Read More

Somalia: Agronomist and Cash Technical Coordinator (Somali National Only) (Deadline: 2016-04-25)
9 April 2016 | Danish Refugee Council
The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has been providing Relief, Humanitarian and Early recovery/development assistance in the Horn of Africa since 1997. Using a protection of human rights framework, DRC has mainly focused on Somalis who are displaced by conflict. Read More

Afghanistan: Livelihoods Advisor (Deadline: 2016-04-27)
9 April 2016 | Concern Worldwide
Concern Worldwide is an international humanitarian organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and suffering in the world’s poorest countries. It works in partnership with the very poorest people in these countries, directly enabling them to improve their lives, as well as using its knowledge and experience to influence decisions made at... Read More

Lebanon: Provision of Individual Services of a Legal Consultant for the Institutional Strengthening to the Ministry of Environment Project (Deadline: 2016-04-28)
8 April 2016 | UNDP
The Institutional Strengthening to the Ministry of Environment (ISMoE) project was established in 2010 with the ultimate goal of setting-up an enabling environment for sustainable environmental development at the national level.  The specific objectives of the Project are to: Read More

Central African Republic: Field Researcher and Analyst (Deadline: 2016-08-01)
7 April 2016 | Enough Project
The Field Researcher and Analyst on the Central African Republic (CAR) will be responsible for researching and writing about the drivers of conflict in CAR. The position will require significant research in CAR and the surrounding region, and a particular focus of the research will be the political economy of... Read More

International News

Iraq/Kurdistan: Iraqi Kurdistan’s Rise as an Independent Energy Player
10 April 2016 | Omar Mawji, Geopolitical Monitor
Iraqi Kurdistan and the governing Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) is in the midst of a major shift toward autonomy in the northeastern enclave of Iraq. Since the 1970s, the Iraqi Kurds have been struggling for autonomy having faced many internal and external hurdles. Read More

Iraq: Inside the World's Most Dangerous Dam
8 April 2016 | Arwa Damon and Hamdi Alkhshali, CNN
Only one of the two bottom outlet gates is functioning, angrily spitting out water in a foamy white churn as birds fly above the spray. This is the Mosul Dam, considered by some experts among the most dangerous of its kind in the world. Underground repairs to mitigate the damage and... Read More

Western Sahara: Human Rights Group Says Port Vancouver Plays Role in Import of Controversial Conflict Mineral from Western Sahara
8 April 2016 | Charmaine de Silva, iNews 880
An international human rights organization says Vancouver plays a key role in the import of a controversial conflict mineral from Western Sahara. “We have fewer and fewer importers because of the ethical and legal implications of that trade. It’s hoping more attention will force companies involved to make other choices. Read More

Afghanistan: Chicago Veterans Aim to Cultivate Peace in Afghanistan through Farming
5 April 2016 | Jay Shefsky, Chicago Tonight
Ninety percent of the world's opium originates in Afghanistan. In Chicago, three war veterans are hoping to give farmers there a viable alternative to growing poppy for opium. Learn how their business, Rumi Spice, is connecting the world's most expensive spice to the rebuilding of a war-torn country. Read More

China/Vietnam/South China Sea: Vietnam Seizes Chinese Vessel in South China Sea
4 April 2016 | Oliver Holmes, Guardian
Vietnam has seized a Chinese ship and detained its captain and two sailors, accusing the crew of illegally intruding on its waters, state media said on Monday. China has overlapping claims with Vietnam and other south-east Asian countries to waters in the South China Sea, thought to have vast oil... Read More

Water Cycle Instability is Here to Stay Posing Major Political and Economic Risks: UN Experts
4 April 2016 | United Nations University
The current instability and unpredictability of the world water cycle is here to stay, making society's adaptation to new risks a vital necessity when formulating development policies, a UN water expert warns. Robert Sandford, the EPCOR Chair for Water and Climate Security at the United Nations University's Canadian-based Institute for... Read More

DRC: Congo’s Civil War Has Practically Wiped out the World’s Largest Gorilla
4 April 2016 | Maddie Stone, Gizmodo
The largest great apes on Earth have suffered a “catastrophic” population collapse over the past twenty years, according to a report published today by the Wildlife Conservation Society. Grauer’s gorilla, a subspecies found only in the lawless eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, is a victim of the same brutal civil... Read More

Sierra Leone: Panama Papers: Flaws in Sierra Leone’s Diamond Trade
4 April 2016 | Khadija Sharife and Silas Gbandia, African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting and International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
Dodgy dealings within the Steinmetz Group seems to indicate undervaluing of diamonds, which is costing Sierra Leone tax payments. Sierra Leone is one of Africa’s leading diamond producers by value – and Steinmetz, who reportedly had a personal fortune of $6 billion in 2012, is its biggest private investor. Read More

Zimbabwe: Will Zimbabwe President Mugabe Compensate Farm Owners after Decades of Land Grabs?
1 April 2016 | Elsa Buchanan, International Business Times
After decades of anti-Western rhetoric, Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is showing signs of mellowing. Faced with economic wobbles in his drought-stricken nation, the 92-year-old has been warming to the West, and on 16 March he agreed to major reforms that were interpreted by some observers as an incentive to end... Read More

Angola/Nigeria/South Sudan: Perils of Relying on Oil as the Only Source of Livelihood: Lessons from South Sudan, Nigeria, and Angola
31 March 2016 | Astrid R.N. Haas, Mail & Guardian Africa
Developed off the back of one natural resource is risky for any country. It makes them reliant on external conditions beyond their control, such as global demand and supply. Since June 2014, global oil prices have fallen by more than 70%. Consumers are happy. Oil producing nations are not. Read More

Conflict Minerals: Apple Says Supply Chain Now 100% Audited for Conflict Minerals
30 March 2016 | Emily Chasan, Bloomberg
Apple Inc. has reached what it’s calling a milestone in supply-chain transparency, saying it’s now auditing 100 percent of its suppliers for the use of conflict minerals linked to violent militia groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Read More

Conflict Minerals: Edinburgh University Breaks New Ground by Opposing Conflict Minerals
30 March 2016 | Owen Duffy, Guardian
Edinburgh university is to cut the use of so-called conflict minerals in goods it buys, with a promise to search out alternatives if a product has raw materials directly linked to wars in the developing world. Read More

Blogs & Opinion

In the last two weeks, 5 blogs & opinion pieces on environmental peacebuilding were posted on our website.

Use It or Lose It: China's Grand Strategy
9 April 2016 | Parag Khanna
In 2010, Canada hosted the G7 finance ministers in Nunavut, the country's frigid Arctic province that is home to a mere 30,000 Inuit people. Canada's "Northern Strategy" for the Arctic was a centerpiece of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper's tenure, resulting in a larger coast guard, new icebreakers, military logistics... Read More

Fishing Disputes Could Spark a South China Sea Crisis
7 April 2016 | Keith Johnson and Dan De Luce
The simmering maritime disputes and land grabs in the South China Sea have long been seen as a battle over its potentially vast undersea deposits of oil and natural gas. That’s not quite true: There is a sometimes violent scramble for resources in the region, but it’s more a fight... Read More

How to Stabilize the Central African Republic
5 April 2016 | Kasper Agger
Think the ultimate victor in the U.S. presidential race faces a tough task? The effort to unite a divided America pales in comparison to what lies ahead for Faustin Archange Touadéra, a mathematics professor by trade who was sworn in last week as president the Central African Republic (CAR). Read More

Water Wars: Fishermen Again Steer China into Hot Water
1 April 2016 | Chris Mirasola
Malaysia joined the ranks of countries taking issue with Chinese fishermen last Thursday, as 100 trawlers were detected within Malaysia’s claimed EEZ. On Friday, National Security Minister Shahidan Kassim reported that the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) had sighted foreign vessels within Malaysia’s EEZ and were continuing to monitor the situation. Read More

What Myanmar Should Do about the Myitsone Dam
31 March 2016 | Jared MacDonald
The issue of the Myitsone dam has been a thorny one. The Chinese project not only bears upon Myanmar’s foreign relations, economic development, and peace process with ethnic armed groups; it also has garnered widespread attention domestically and internationally as a bellwether issue by which the new government’s policy orientation... Read More

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